Bigg Boss Tamil house turns more royal this season  

Here’s a glimpse into the renovated Bigg Boss Tamil house for the fifth season

author_img Kirubhakar Purushothaman Published :  04th October 2021 02:28 PM   |   Published :   |  04th October 2021 02:28 PM
Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss House

Kamal Haasan returns to hosting the fifth season of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. Apart from the curiosity about the contestants, another major crowd-pulling factor of the show has been the house itself. Maybe that’s the reason the Bigg Boss house seems to be getting gaudy and rich with every passing season. For season 5, the makers have made the house more vibrant. Royal is the word that best describes the feel the makers have gone for with the sets. Every part of the house is overtly textured. Miniature Mughal paintings, grand chandeliers, the glossy golden finish - something is going on in each corner of the house. It wouldn't be surprising if a minimalist calls the house tacky. Even the storeroom has not been spared of the gaudy touch of the set designers.

Also, ‘five’ is the running theme in the house. The entrance of the house bears a gigantic set of the number five. It is ubiquitous, and so are the numerous brand names. Apart from the aesthetic makeover, is one major structural change in the house. The swimming pool is changed into a bunker jail, and by the looks of it, contestants ending up there are going to have a hard time - especially the ones with claustrophobia. The makers have chosen to do away with the gymnasium as well. Guess, the likes of Bala and Ganesh Venkatraman should resort to lifting the furniture to retain their gains.

I was quite intrigued by the pink colour bed on the men’s side of the bedroom. It was conspicuously different and shorted from the rest of the beds. Similarly, a pink chair at the dining table stood from the rest. This season there might be a ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ in the house - a format of game seen in the Hindi version of the show. Or I am just reading too much into the sets.

Here are a few pictures from Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 house: