Kangana Ranaut's COVID-19 recovery mantra: Kadha, steam, yoga, Hanuman Chalisa and Gayatri Mantra

Kangana Ranaut tested negative for COVID-19 on Tuesday

author_img H Waghmare Published :  19th May 2021 03:45 PM   |   Published :   |  19th May 2021 03:45 PM

Kangana Ranaut tested negative for COVID-19 on Tuesday

Kangana Ranaut tested negative for COVID-19 on Tuesday. The actress took to her Instagram Stories to share the news, adding that she has a lot to say about how she battled the virus but has been told ‘not to offend covid fan club’

However, hours later Kangana posted a video, sharing that it was her sister who pushed her to share this video. In the five-minute-long video, Kangana spoke about her journey which included taking care of three aspects - physical, mental and emotional health. 

Asking her fans to refrain from panicking, Kangana asked them to genuinely identify the issues. “When it comes to my physical health, I had pain in my throat, I was feeling a little fogginess in my head which was affecting my sense of taste and smell and there was a lot of weakness in my body. I took steam and that helped me with the fogginess in my head so I took it two-three times in a day. Kadha gave relief to my throat and I did a bit of stretching and easy asanas,” said Kangana. 

When it comes to mental health, the actress shared that she did meditation and breathing exercises. “For emotional health, I listened to Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri Mantra and chanted Om,” shared Kangana. 

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The actress concluded by saying that it is not very difficult to beat this virus, ‘just keep a positive attitude’. It is to be noted that Kangana had earlier called the virus a ‘small-time flu’ which ‘got too much press’ but later deleted it from Instagram.