Adnan Sami opens up about his weight loss journey  

Adnan told media sources that it was eating properly and exercising that helped him lose 100 kilos

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Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami

Singer Adnan Sami opened up about his weight loss journey as he told media sources on Thursday that it was exercise and eating right that, “helped him in his road to fitness.”  

He reportedly told media sources, “I’ve had a tremendous amount of struggle with my weight from many years. I was 230 kilos once upon a time. And I lost 130 kilos, it was not an easy journey. But the point was that it was something that I really needed to do.”

The singer continued, “So, I’ve worked hard to maintain it and you know I did it completely through exercise and dieting. There’s a misconception that people think that I underwent some surgery or took some kind of medical treatment which is absolutely false. I controlled entire intake and I did plenty of exercise and I play a lot of squash — that’s how I’ve maintained it. And I do it primarily because it’s very important to be healthy.”

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The 50-year-old singer who was making headlines for deleting his social media account reportedly told media sources that he never deleted posts from his Instagram handle but rather archived them. He reportedly said that he wished to surprise his fans with a new music video Alvida after a gap of two years.

He reportedly said, “I took a gap of two years because I think the whole world took a gap of two years because of pandemic. And so the world had come to a pause and there was no point in releasing anything during that time. I needed a bit of time off to get a hold of myself and also to re-evaluate my whole life. I think it took me a while to come around to deciding how I wanted to proceed with my forthcoming journey and how to realign myself.”

He went on to speak about his latest song, “Alvida is a song about heartbreak. But I wanted to write a song that was far more universal than just a romantic break-up but also a kind of a song that conveyed the emotions of what one feels when they are away from their loved ones, regardless of whether that person is a partner or a very close friend or even a parent.”

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He also spoke about the duration of time it took to complete the song, “The song is the fusion between contemporary and traditional sounds and instruments because I always feel that we should always retain a certain element of our own culture.”

On the work front, he told media sources that he would be performing much more in the coming future and said, “That’s one of the endeavours of my new approach to life in my musical journey henceforth, which I’m calling Adnan 2.0