Chunky white boots with tube gown: Decoding Ira Khan's engagement look with stylist Coleen

Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan got engaged to boyfriend Nupur Shikare in an intimate ceremony on November 18

Muskan Khullar Published :  30th November 2022 11:40 AM   |   Published :   |  30th November 2022 11:40 AM
Ira Khan's engagement look decoded

Ira Khan's engagement look decoded

During the wedding season, most people expect the brides to freak out, run around, and fix everything from the decor to their brother's bow tie. But Aamir Khan's daughter Ira Khan, who recently got engaged, did not turn into a bridezilla on her special day.

Ira exchanged rings with her longtime beau Nupur Shikare on November 18 and their engagement ceremony was simply dreamy. The couple hosted an intimate evening with their family and friends. On November 29, Ira shared a bunch of fresh photos from the ceremony where she looks nothing but stunning. 

On the day of her engagement, when Ira posed for the paps, her look instantly went viral. While some sanctioned her bold choice to pick a red tube dress for her big day, others gave the star kid's style a double tap.

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Ira looked comfortable and chic on her engagement day. She rocked a bright gown with a plunging neckline and completed her look with a digital watch, white sneakers, and hot red hair. Quite an unconventional bride-to-be!

 Her stylist, Coleen Khan Affonso helped us decode Ira's engagement look and shared what inspired it, in an exclusive chat. 

"She just wanted lip gloss"

Coleen shared that Ira wanted to embrace her natural self on her engagement which is why she just wanted to apply lip gloss and nothing else. It was Coleen who convinced Ira to go for a no-makeup makeup look and the star kid was thoroughly impressed with it.

Ira shared photos on Instagram thanking Coleen with a caption that read, " I have never felt entirely pretty. But I did that day. I felt like a princess. I felt like I could be photographed from any angle with whatever expression and I still looked pretty. Thank you @coleen_khan_affonso for making me look gorgeous. "


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As for her hair, Coleen said "she (Ira) knew very well what she wanted with her hair and we got that perfectly."

"She wore her white Doc Martens"

Coleen further talked about how Ira rounded her look and said, "She wore her white Doc Martens for the engagement under the dress which she is completely unconventional." Ira also broke the conventions by styling her big watch in the ceremony alongside a cuff bangle and dangling earrings. 

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"It was a full party"

We asked Coleen about the mood of the room where Ira was getting ready and she said, "It was a full party. She had all her girlfriends in the salon. There was coffee and cakes and everyone was in a great mood. It was so lovely, the salon was full of young kids, all girls. It was really wonderful. They were clicking pictures and laughing and nobody was giving instructions."

It took Ira not more than an hour and a half to get her hair and makeup done. 

"Nupur adores her"

Coleen also talked about Ira's to-be-hubby Nupur and revealed that he often joins the star kid on her salon visits. Talking about him, Coleen said, "He's a simple guy who just adores her, the way he looks at her and holds her hand. I think it is very, very sweet. I wish them happiness."


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"Brides should just have fun" 

We asked Coleen if she has any tips for brides who want fuss-free looks on their special day. Her advice to them was to have fun and enjoy each and every moment of the ceremony. According to her, you are going to look back at the memories and not the makeup.  "You can look completely natural, without having cakes of makeup on," she said.

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