RIP Queen Elizabeth II: Here is all you need to know about the 96-year-old monarch’s funeral

The Queen will be given a state funeral, expected to be held in the coming two weeks but official details of the ceremony have not yet been announced.   

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The Queen’s body is currently expected to lie in the state at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh

The Queen’s body is currently expected to lie in the state at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh

The late Queen of the UK, Elizabeth II, breathed her last on September 8 at the age of 96. The Queen, who is the longest-ruling British monarch in history, died at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland, according to an announcement by Buckingham Palace.

The news was announced a few hours after the announcement of the queen's ill health and that the doctors were concerned for her. The new King of the UK, Charles III will be crowned as the new ruler of the country on Saturday.

According to sources, Charles was at the castle before returning to London. Reports added that the queen will be given a state funeral, expected to be held in the next ten days. However, official details of the funeral have not been announced officially yet. 

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Media sources said that the funeral is likely to place on the tenth day after the Queen's passing ((i.e. September 18). The ceremony is expected to be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury (the senior bishop of the Church of England).

On the second day after the Queen's passing, Charles will be sworn in as the King of the country. The Queen's coffin will be taken to Buckingham Palace on the third day. From the fourth to the sixth day, the new King will start a tour of the country. When he arrives in Northern Ireland, service will be conducted at St. Anne's cathedral. The coffin will then be transported to Westminister Abbey, where she will be kept for three days (from the seventh day) so that visitors can pay their respects to the Queen. 

Reports added that the Queen’s body will be moved to the Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on Saturday for the public to pay their respects. Some reports said that the funeral service will take place at the St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, Scotland on Sunday. They added that afterwards, her coffin will then be put on the Royal Train to be taken back to London for burial. 

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According to reports, the new King has announced a mourning period of seven days in the country.  “Following the death of Her Majesty The Queen, it is His Majesty The King's wish that a period of Royal Mourning be observed from now until seven days after The Queen’s Funeral. The date of the Funeral will be confirmed in due course. Royal Mourning will be observed by Members of the Royal Family, Royal Household staff and Representatives of the Royal Household on official duties, together with troops committed to Ceremonial Duties (sic),” said a statement from Buckingham Palace.