Jason Momoa celebrates his 44th birthday with a snowy hot tub adventure, says, ‘Happy birthday to me’

Jason shared a clip of the same on his Instagram handle
Jason Momoa was born on August 1, 1979
Jason Momoa was born on August 1, 1979

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, experienced an unexpected birthday treat from mother nature this year. As he turned 44 on Tuesday, the actor celebrated with a snowy hot tub session. He later shared a video of the same on Instagram. The clip showed the astonishing snowfall as Jason stepped outside with a bottle of his own company's water, Mananalu Water.

In awe of the snowy scenery, Jason exclaimed, "Happy birthday to me" while walking towards the jacuzzi. Surrounded by a snow-covered deck and trees, he seemed amused by the situation, though freezing yet smiling. Taking a sip from his bottle, he marvelled at the rare weather, exclaiming, "Never in my life — 44 years — did I ever get in a hot tub and it’s snowing baby."

Days prior to this unique celebration, Jason had hosted the Discovery Channel’s 35th annual Shark Week, a long-awaited opportunity for him. He expressed his eagerness to participate, having pursued the role since 2018, but his busy schedule prevented him until this year. Amidst working on his upcoming Apple TV+ series Chief of War in New Zealand, he managed to squeeze in the filming for Shark Week.

Interestingly, Jason's fascination with sharks extends beyond his Aquaman role. Before entering the acting world, he studied marine and wildlife biology in college, making his involvement in Shark Week a gratifying convergence of his passion and profession.

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