A hip-hop maestro's culinary crescendo: Badshah invests in the hospitality sector

The rapper will launch three brands — Sago Spice Symphony, Seville, and Sidera
In frame: Badshah
In frame: Badshah

In an innovative move that adds a flavorful crescendo to his illustrious career, the globally renowned rapper and hip-hop mogul, Badshah, is venturing into a new territory — the vibrant and diverse world of hospitality. Known not just for his chart-topping songs and high-profile collaborations, but also for his exceptional hosting skills, Badshah is set to redefine the culinary landscape with the launch of three distinctive brands: Sago Spice Symphony, Seville, and Sidera. In collaboration with Babita Puri Gupta and Udayveer Gupta, this new venture promises to be a symphony of taste, culture, and sophistication.

Nestled in the upscale Sector-26 of Chandigarh, Badshah's foray into the hospitality industry is nothing short of a masterpiece. Spanning 9,000 square feet, the establishment houses three culinary wonders: the earthy Indian fine dining restaurant 'Sago Spice Symphony,' the atmospheric Continental Lebanese restaurant and lounge 'Seville,' and the basement Pan-Asian cocktail bar 'Sidera.'


Sago Spice Symphony pays homage to authentic Indian cuisine, offering a delightful experience for families with its warm palettes, terracotta pottery, floral upholstery, and a blend of gold and marble accents. Seville, inspired by the Spanish city, exudes cultural richness and sophistication with an open-to-sky roof, rustic chandeliers, mosaic flooring, and a handcrafted ripple natural stone bar counter. Sidera, meaning constellations and stars in Latin, caters to a young, lively audience with its luxe leather furnishing, LED lighting, and a backlit marble and onyx bar.

The culinary ensemble features chefs from various regions of India, curating a menu that marries tradition with modernity. Signature dishes like Sona Murgh Kebab and Chupa Rustam Beetroot Kebab at Sago, Asparagus Philadelphia Roll at Sidera, and Chicken Krapow Bowl at Seville are set to tantalize taste buds. Badshah himself shares his favourites, including Classic Mapo Tofu, Moroccan Chicken, and Multani Bhuna Paneer.


But it's not just about the food. The craft cocktail menu is a modern reinvention of classics, featuring multi-dimensional concoctions like Grecian Glaze and Clarified New York Sour. Notably, a drink named after Badshah, the Badshahi, promises a royal blend of milk, rose, gulkand, and edible gold flakes. For those with a sweet tooth, the journey concludes with a dazzling array of confections and desserts, including Turkish Delight, Tiramisu, Hare matar ka halwa, and Vanilla Cheesecake with seasonal strawberry compote.

<strong><em>Beverages and cocktails</em></strong>
Beverages and cocktails

Expressing his excitement, Badshah states, "My love for gastronomy has been a long-standing one, and I'm extremely excited to embark on this brand-new journey." He envisions the venture as a blend of tradition and modernity, offering a rich, deep, and varied gastronomical experience.

Udayveer Gupta, co-founder, said, "Spearheading a culturally ubiquitous business that amalgamates gourmet, culture, and music has been a longstanding dream of mine."

This venture adds another note to Badshah's diverse portfolio, which includes investments in a Mumbai-based nightclub, production of Punjabi films, a Punjab-based music channel, and the founding of the clothing line BADFIT. As the fourth most followed Indian artist on Spotify, Badshah continues to break barriers and create harmonies, not just in music but now in the world of gastronomy.

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