Music composer Dhruv Ghanekar to soon announce new label

The Mumbai-based composer is expecting the release of the web series Choona on Netflix, for which he has scored the music
Dhruv Ghanekar
Dhruv Ghanekar

Dhruv Ghanekar has many faces. He is a well-known music composer, song writer, producer and guitar player. Having scored music for a dozen films, he has now worked on his first web series titled Choona which will air on Netflix starting August 3. Ahead of the show's release, we chat with the Mumbaikar about his journey so far and his upcoming label.

To begin with, we ask Dhruv, who is a passionate foodie, about Choona and the type of music it will have. "It is going to be a highly entertaining heist dramedy based in north India. I was called in to do music for the series before the pandemic, but everything got delayed by almost a year and a half due to COVID-19," he begins and adds, "The show will not have a typical background score. I've played a lot with juxtaposing a very dark sound with lighter notes. The end result is quite unique."

When asked if he is more eager to work on web series' hereon, Dhruv says, "It is difficult composing music for a web series (in comparison with films) for each episode is 50-60 minutes long. So, it is like scoring 10 feature films in one web series, literally. But, it is the future and it poses a challenge to cinema. Over time, people will gravitate towards consuming content from the luxury of their homes. Cinema provides a different experience. Each has its own place and you can't replace one with the other. I'd like to do both."

Dhruv has also worked on several hundred commercials
Dhruv has also worked on several hundred commercials

Making fresh music is quite a challenging task, but it seems Dhruv has found a way to keep doing it for years. "For me, what works is being in a perpetual student state of mind. I listen to music from all over the world, which keeps me on my toes. I learn a lot about different instruments too. When you are in that state of mind, you automatically surrender yourself to the art."

Moving on to his upcoming projects, the music composer, who is an avid tennis fan, says he will be launching a new label soon. "Titled Waah Waah Records (incidentally, Waah Waah is Dhruv's music company), it will be launched this September and we have music lined up till December 2024. I am also working on a musical show called Mumbai Star. It is a Broadway-style musical that will run for two hours and we will do 25 shows in 30 days all over Japan. Eventually, it will come to India."

Finally, we ask the man who has worked with greats like AR Rahman, Richard Bona and Ustad Zakir Hussain (to name a few), which filmmaker he wants to work with the most. "There are way too many filmmakers (with whom I want to work with). Outside India, Wes Anderson is at the top of the list, probably because of the way he uses music. I love Nolan too. He is an incredible filmmaker. I will go watch Oppenheimer, but I will have to take my physics manual with me!"

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