I am waiting for my breakthrough album: Ritvik Muralidhar

His journey in cinema began with 'Sankashta Kara Ganapathi', fast-forwarding five years, he has been associated with eight released projects and a couple of them in different stages of production.
In frame: Ritvik Muralidhar
In frame: Ritvik Muralidhar

Ritvik Muralidhar’s musical journey commenced at the tender age of four as a classical singer. He later transitioned to electronic music, composing for radio jingles and short films, marking the beginning of his music career.

His journey in cinema began with Sankashta Kara Ganapathi, fast-forwarding five years, he has been associated with 8 released projects and a couple of them in different stages of production. His works have earned him recognition and praise for his unique music style over the years.

Reflecting on his path, Ritvik stated, “Every time my films were released, the music reviews were favourable. Even when a few films did not completely meet the expectations I was appreciated for my good work. However, I am still seeking a big breakthrough.”

Discussing his musical experience for the upcoming film, Baang, directed by Shri Ganesh Parashuram, Ritvik shared, “This is among the three films in which I worked as a full-fledged film album where I composed both songs and background score, allowing me the freedom to experiment, learn new instruments, and innovate.”

After facing challenges in gaining exposure as a singer, Ritvik decided to steer his course towards music direction, where he found success. Now, with Baang, he is making his debut as an actor. The film features him as Aarav, a rich and jolly spoilt brat revolving around a gang’s experiences, blending dark comedy and action.

Recalling the inspiration for his acting debut, Ritvik mentioned, “The idea of becoming an actor sparked while watching Puneeth Rajkumar’s film Appu during my growing years, though I never expressed it through my musical journey. However, my journey with Baang has been right since its inception, and, post 'Sankashta Kara Ganapathi', they all knew that I had the acting instinct in me and waited for an opportunity to place me in the right character. Director Ganesh wanted to cast a newcomer, and he saw the actor in me, and everything fell in place.”

Looking ahead, Ritvik’s primary focus remains on music. “As for acting, I believe it’s a long journey, and I’ll assess its seriousness after the film’s release,” he says. Ritvik’s upcoming projects include Chef Chidambara, Mr Rani, Jigar, and more potential collaborations. “While still seeking that big music break, I remain determined to distinguish myself as a music director, and I aim to achieve a big hit in the future,” he signs off.

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