Samantha Ruth Prabhu offers a peek into her morning routine

In the Instagram post, the actress also revealed her weight 
In frame: Samantha Ruth Prabhu
In frame: Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Queen Samantha Ruth Prabhu is at it again, sharing a glimpse into her Thursday morning routine with fans on Instagram. This time, it’s not just about stunning selfies but a peek into her fitness, her surroundings, and even a touch of personal health stats.

“Forever seeking the morning sun. The best kind of mornings,” Samantha wrote, setting the mood with Taylor Swift’s Ready For It as the soundtrack to her sun-kissed adventure. The first picture captured her mid-workout, surrounded by lush greenery and the calming melody of the sea. But that was just the beginning.
We followed Samantha's exploration as she unveiled a picture-perfect pool nestled amidst the greenery, the chirping of birds as her morning symphony, and even a playful shot of a curious squirrel. But amidst the scenic escapade, came a surprise – a glimpse of her health stats.

The actress revealed her weight – 50.1 kg – and a remarkably youthful metabolic age of 23, defying her actual age of 36. Fans and friends showered her with love and amusement. Mrunal Thakur’s heart-eyes emoji spoke volumes, while director Nandini Reddy playfully commented, “Same workout just ippude chesa... Twice. (I just did the same workout, twice).”

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Recently on her podcast Take 20, Samantha reminisced about the year before her myositis diagnosis, describing it as ‘extremely difficult.’ “Finally, I felt calm,” she shared, highlighting a fleeting moment of peace before the unexpected turn of events. “I woke up with this condition,” she added, reflecting on the stark contrast between that newfound serenity and the challenges that awaited.

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Samantha’s Thursday post offers more than just a scenic escape; it's a window into her resilience, her connection with nature, and a refreshingly open approach to sharing her journey. 

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