Celebrities like Margot Robbie and Taylor Swift dominated beauty trends in 2023, reveals study

Famous for her signature red lipstick and sharp eyeliner, articles referencing Taylor Swift’s makeup reached 24,469, the highest of any celebrity
In Frame: Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie
In Frame: Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie

A new research reveals the celebrities with the most talked about beauty routines in 2023. The research, conducted by beauty and wellness marketplace Fresha, analysed the number of online articles mentioning the beauty routines of over 100 of the most influential celebrities of 2023, combining each celebrity’s name with terms such as ‘skincare’, 'beauty routine’, ‘makeup’ etc.

Taylor Swift officially has the most talked about beauty routine of 2023, according to the research. The popstar has the highest number of article mentions of 2023 regarding her beauty routine, including references to either her makeup, skincare or haircare, with a whopping 135,932 articles. Famous for her signature red lipstick and sharp eyeliner, articles referencing Taylor Swift’s makeup reached 24,469, the highest of any celebrity. The singer also received huge buzz online regarding her skincare routine and hairstyle, with 4,564 mentions of ‘Taylor Swift skincare’ and 53,067 references to ‘Taylor Swift hair’.

The research revealed that Beyoncé has the second most in-demand beauty secrets of 2023. The singer has often talked regularly about taking care of her skin, emphasising the importance of moisturising and using sunscreen for skin protection. Consequently, the superstar has the most talked about skincare routine of 2023, with 5,014 online mentions of her skincare routine over the last 12 months, higher than any other celebrity.

Amidst the Barbie craze that captivated the world in 2023, it comes as no surprise that Margot Robbie also placed high in the ranking. The Barbie actress placed third overall, with 78,072 articles mentioning her makeup, skincare or hair throughout 2023, also making her the actress with the most in-demand beauty secrets.

The fourth most-talked about celebrity in the online beauty space is Kendall Jenner. As the first but not only Kardashian/Jenner to make the list, Kendall’s beauty routine was mentioned in 69,627 articles over the last 12 months. The model was also the third most talked about celebrity in regards to her skincare routine, with 3,808 articles talking about her flawless skin.

Dua Lipa places as the fifth celebrity with the most popular online beauty routine. The Dance The Night singer received 60,606 online articles mentioning her beauty routine, with 7,376 mentions alone for ‘Dua Lipa makeup’.

The research revealed that Meghan Markle has the sixth most in-demand beauty secrets, with 58,377 article mentions of her beauty routine in 2023. Renowned for her minimalist approach to makeup and skincare, the Duchess of Sussex often embraces a fresh and radiant look and has been vocal about her commitment to using clean and organic products in her skincare routine. Meghan Markle is not the only member of the royal family to make the list, with the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton placing eleventh.

A spokesperson for Fresha commented on the findings, “It's common for people to be interested in the beauty routines of celebrities, as they often set trends and influence beauty standards across the globe...Taylor Swift’s impact on 2023 has been unmatched, with her influence transcending from the music industry into the beauty space, as highlighted by these findings. As such, it comes as no surprise that Taylor Swift’s beauty regimen generates huge buzz online, as many Swifties are eager to learn her secrets to flawless skin and effortless makeup”.

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