Sharvari surpasses Deepika Padukone to top IMDb’s popular Indian celebrities list

The list was curated based on over 200 million monthly site visits
In frame: Sharvari (L); Deepika Padukone (R)
In frame: Sharvari (L); Deepika Padukone (R)

In a stunning rise to fame, Sharvari has clinched the top spot on this week’s IMDb Popular Indian Celebrities list, surpassing established stars like Deepika Padukone. This remarkable achievement comes on the heels of her breakout performances in the horror-comedy Munjya and a notable appearance in Maharaj.

In frame: Sharvari (L); Deepika Padukone (R)
Taimur Ali Khan embraces family’s cricket heritage under father Saif Ali Khan’s guidance on her success, Sharvari shared her excitement, saying, “I’m at a loss for words with how this year has shaped up for me. I’m grateful for all the love that’s coming my way for Munjya, which is now on the brink of entering the INR 100 Crore Club, and also for my special appearance in Maharaj.”

Sharvari, a name now synonymous with fresh talent and hard-earned success, beams with pride as she discusses her journey in the industry. “To reach the number one position on the IMDb Popular Indian Celebrities List this week is truly an honour that I will cherish forever,” she said. “Every gratification is a motivation for me to push myself more. For someone without any connection to the industry, every victory will empower me to get better projects and find better roles.”

Sharvari’s ascent in the Hindi film industry is particularly noteworthy. “I’m going to put in a lot of hard work because I want to be a part of the best films and hopefully become one of the best actresses in my country. My mind is set on that goal,” she remarked, emphasizing her dedication to her craft and her aspirations for the future.

The IMDb list, curated based on over 200 million monthly site visits, also highlights other notable figures. Deepika Padukone holds the second position, while Disha Patani is in fourth. Kalki 2898 AD’s buzz is reflected in the rankings, with director Nag Ashwin at seventh, and stars like Prabhas, Amitabh Bachchan, and Kamal Haasan appearing at eighth, fifteenth, and nineteenth respectively.

In frame: Sharvari (L); Deepika Padukone (R)
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Maharaj has also contributed significantly to the rankings. Shalini Pandey, who plays Kishori, holds the fifth position, while Jaideep Ahlawat, who portrays the antagonist Jadunath Maharaj, is ranked tenth. Aamir Khan’s son, Junaid Khan, who stars as the protagonist Karsandas, claimed the twelfth spot.

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