David Warner showcases his love for ‘Pushpa’ in new ad; Allu Arjun reacts

This isn’t Warner’s first foray into the world of Pushpa
In frame: David Warner (L); Allu Arjun (R)
In frame: David Warner (L); Allu Arjun (R)

Australian cricketer David Warner’s love affair with all things Pushpa is no secret. The explosive batsman has become a full-blown fan of the Telugu action film starring Allu Arjun, and his dedication is nothing short of entertaining.

In frame: David Warner (L); Allu Arjun (R)
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For those unfamiliar with Warner’s fandom, here’s a quick rundown. Social media is his platform of choice, where he regularly shares hilarious videos lip-syncing to iconic Pushpa dialogues. He even goes the extra mile, recreating Allu’s electrifying dance moves from the movie.

Warner’s recent brand endorsement for a mattress company took his Pushpa obsession to a whole new level. The commercial featured him channelling his inner Pushpa, complete with the character's signature swag. His playful caption on the post mirrored a famous Pushpa line, “David naam sunn ke tourist samjha kya, mate? Fire hai main (Thinking I'm a tourist just because my name is David? I'm fire!).”

Allu, clearly enjoying Warner’s enthusiasm, couldn’t resist dropping a comment. The comment section was filled with LOL emojis, a fire emoji, and a thumbs-up from the Telugu superstar himself.

This isn’t Warner’s first foray into the world of Pushpa. Back in 2022, he shared a fun video with his daughter, playfully referencing a line from the film, “Pushpa naam sunkar flower samjhi kya? Finish this dialogue for me?” he wrote in the caption, adding a touch of self-deprecating humour with, “Sorry for the bad lip syncing.”

But perhaps the most heartwarming interaction came earlier this year. Allu shared a clip from the upcoming film on his Instagram profile. The caption read, “Enjoyed doing this Shoe Drop Step from Pushpa Pushpa song,” complete with hashtags for the upcoming Pushpa sequel. Warner, ever the fanboy, chimed in with a comment, “Oh dear, how good is this? Now I've got some work to do.” This playful exchange culminated in a promise from Allu Arjun: “It’s easy. I will show you when we meet.”

In frame: David Warner (L); Allu Arjun (R)
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Pushpa 2: The Rule, directed by Sukumar and produced by Mythri Movie Makers, is slated to hit theatres later this year.

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