Jin gets discharged from the South Korean army; BTS reunites in celebration

Heartwarming photos and videos quickly surfaced on social media, capturing the emotional reunion
In frame: BTS members
In frame: BTS members

K-pop group BTS erupted in joy this week as their eldest member, Jin, officially completed his mandatory military service. Discharged on Wednesday, Jin was greeted by a wave of love and celebration from both his fellow bandmates and his dedicated ARMY fanbase.

In frame: BTS members
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Heartwarming photos and videos quickly surfaced on social media, capturing the emotional reunion. Jin’s bandmates – Jungkook, RM, J-Hope, Jimin, and V – gathered outside the military base, eagerly awaiting his return. The moment they saw him, a wave of relief and joy washed over them. Hugs were exchanged, and in a truly special gesture, RM serenaded Jin with a saxophone rendition of their hit song Dynamite. While Suga was noticeably absent, the remaining members ensured Jin felt the warmth and support of the entire group.

The celebration continued with an adorable group photo posted to the official BTS account. The picture captured the seven members reunited, their smiles radiating happiness. Jin, still in his military uniform, sat proudly amongst his brothers. A celebratory cake and muffins sat on a table in front of them, with a banner reading ‘Jin is back’ hanging on the wall.

Fans across the globe shared in the emotional moment. One fan wrote, “Home isn’t a place, it's a feeling. This is it.” Another echoed the sentiment, writing, “Welcome back my beautiful Jin BTS family.” The long-awaited reunion marked a significant milestone for BTS and their fanbase, with one fan commenting, “BTS tweet on their account for the first time in almost exactly six months to declare 'JIN IS BACK' and reunite as seven with their pre-approved time off to celebrate the end of Jin's enlistment.” The outpouring of love on social media was a clear reflection of the bond between BTS and their devoted fans.

Jin’s enlistment began in December 2022, marking a period of uncertainty for both BTS and ARMY. He started his service at a frontline boot camp near the North Korean border, undergoing five weeks of rigorous basic training alongside other conscripts. Following this, he was assigned to a specific army unit, fulfilling his duties until his official discharge this week.

In frame: BTS members
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With Jin’s return and the highly anticipated reunion, BTS is one step closer to a complete comeback. While details remain under wraps, this emotional celebration signifies a new chapter for the group. And one thing is certain: ARMY is more than ready to welcome all seven members back to the stage!

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