Ram Charan unveils daughter Klin Kaara’s face on Father’s Day

However, Father’s Day for Ram Charan wasn’t just about celebrating fatherhood
In frame: Ram Charan and Klin Kaara
In frame: Ram Charan and Klin Kaara

Ram Charan fans received a delightful surprise on Father’s Day 2024. The actor, who has kept his daughter Klin Kaara’s face private since her birth, finally shared a heartwarming picture on social media. The image showcased a beaming Ram cradling his little princess in his arms. The post, shared by a member of Ram’s team, quickly went viral with fans showering love on the father-daughter duo.

In frame: Ram Charan and Klin Kaara
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However, Father’s Day for Ram Charan wasn’t just about celebrating fatherhood. In an interview, the actor revealed his aspirations for his daughter's future. Interestingly, he expressed a desire for Klin Kaara to pursue a path outside the world of acting.

Ram, who hails from a prominent Telugu film family, explained his reasoning. “There are already so many actors from my side of the family,” he said. “Honestly, with so many releases every year, we all get confused about release dates. The last thing I want is to compete with my own daughter in this space.”

Upasana Kamineni Konidela, Ram's wife, is a successful businesswoman. This desire for Klin Kaara to follow a different path likely stems from Ram’s wish for her to explore other avenues beyond acting, a field already saturated within his family.

The interview also offered a glimpse into Ram's relationship with his own father, veteran actor Chiranjeevi. Ram described Chiranjeevi as a doting grandfather who enjoys playful interactions with Klin Kaara. “He lets her hit him and playfully roughhouse with him,” Ram said. “It's truly heartwarming to see that side of my dad.”

Ram also revealed a unique request from Chiranjeevi regarding how he wants to be addressed by his granddaughter. “He doesn't want to be called Thatha, the traditional Telugu word for grandfather,” Ram explained. “Thatha sounds too boring to him,” he chuckled. “Instead, he wants Klin Kaara to call him Chirutha, which means cheetah in Telugu. It's a fun twist on the traditional term.”

In frame: Ram Charan and Klin Kaara
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Ram and Upasana tied the knot in 2012. Their daughter, Klin Kaara, will celebrate her first birthday in June 2024. The couple has meticulously guarded Klin Kaara’s privacy until now, making the Father's Day photo reveal even more special for fans.

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