From trolls to digital demise, Orry unveils unconventional brand strategy on KWK 8 finale

In the face of memes and parodies, Orry said that he not only embraces them but turns the experience into a social event
In frame: Orry on KWK
In frame: Orry on KWK

In an unexpected turn of events during the season finale of Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan 8, Orhan Awatramani, famously known as Orry, took the stage to unravel the enigma behind his distinctive brand strategy, encompassing elements like his ‘digital demise’ and strategic ‘comeback.’

Karan introduced Orry as the ‘man of the moment’ and ‘the new generation's liver.’ A unique blend of flamboyance and audacity, Orry's brand strategy left the audience both stunned and intrigued.

Addressing the issue of online trolling, Orry displayed an unwavering confidence, stating, “If I don't know you and you're talking nonsense about me, I've won. I've turned your shade into a parade, making money off it. Who's the success story here? I am.” 

In the face of memes and parodies, Orry said that he not only embraces them but turns the experience into a social event. He screens reel parodies at home, hosts viewing parties for friends, sends thank-you letters to memers, and even sends them gifts, encouraging more creative endeavours.

When questioned by Karan about the fear of a fleeting 15 minutes of fame, Orry, not an actor, responded with confidence, considering his life a movie in which he plays the lead role.

During the episode, Orry also revealed that he was once declined a request for a picture by the security team of actress Kajol. The incident happened when Orry was in a college in New York and was on his first job as an usher.

Talking about the same, Orry told Karan Johar, “My first job, when I was in college in New York, was for the usher position, a highly sought-after position at the Children Should Wash Their Hands Conference. Not many people know this; I was Usher number 3 to Kajol, and she probably doesn't know this. This was in 2013 in New York, I think at The Pierre.” He further mentioned, "She was giving this speech and I asked her security for a humble photo and I was declined.”

Karan then said, "The great irony! Because she wouldn't know that one day down the years, you would be in a million photos with her daughter (Nysa Devgan).” Orry replied, "Yeah, life does come full circle. I love Nysa like she is my younger sister.”

In an unexpected twist, Orry unveiled plans for his own downfall as well, orchestrated by his team of ‘minions’ in what he humorously refers to as the ‘relevance room.’ He confessed to planning a ‘digital demise,’ stating, “In the Orry room, we are planning my demise, my digital demise. The Orry-ians want to see me fall. Very soon. We're waiting for the right idea, and then the 15 minutes will be up. Then we will plan a comeback.”

In this rollercoaster ride of fame, Orry’s unique approach to his brand strategy keeps everyone guessing, proving that the brightest stars may burn out the fastest, but a well-planned comeback can rewrite the narrative.

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