'Deeply, supremely excited’: Chris Pine says Wonder Woman 1984's Steve Trevor is a 180 twist from first movie

"Tonally, what’s different is, he’s not world-weary. He’s not jaded," Chris Pine said in an interview 

author_img R Vargese Published :  24th June 2020 07:11 PM   |   Published :   |  24th June 2020 07:11 PM
Chris Pine as Steve Rogers

Chris Pine as Steve Rogers

Actor Chris Pine described his character of Steve Trevor as ‘deeply, supremely excited’ when compared to the original movie. The actor who played Diana Prince's (Gal Gadot) love interest will reprise his role in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, despite his tragic end in the first movie. 

While details about the movie have tightly kept under wraps, the actors have neem teasing snippets of what one can expect from the upcoming DCEU blockbuster.

In an interview, the actor reveals, "What I will say about him is that he’s deeply, supremely excited. He’s excited to be back with Diana. He’s excited about this world. Tonally, what’s different is, he’s not world-weary. He’s not jaded. It’s a complete 180 from the tone of the character of the first one."

"I thought it was a nice idea. It’s a brilliant move on Patty (Jenkins’) part. That’s just one clear indication of a big tonal shift this time out. Patty, towards the end of the first one, had been marinating on an idea. So yeah, I had an idea that I would come back. I think she may have even started to break the story while we were promoting [the first film].”

Like most releases, Wonder Woman 1984, is having a hard making it to the big screen. The movie was first supposed to come out in November 2019, but it was then pushed to June 2020. But, due to the pandemic, the studio was forced to move it to an August release. Considering the state of the global health crisis, it was further set back to an October debut. Despite the multiple changes, fans of the franchise are excited about the movie.