Up-and-coming lyricist Neeraj Pandey speaks about working with Seema Pahwa on Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi

The lyricist speaks about writing four songs for Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi and how intimidating it was

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  08th January 2021 12:49 PM   |   Published :   |  08th January 2021 12:49 PM
Lyricist Neeraj Pandey

Lyricist Neeraj Pandey

Ek adhoora kaam hai, tumse karaoonga, was the first song from the new film Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi, to release online. The song captures the futility of life and the significance of death with a humorous approach. The film, written and directed by actress Seema Pahwa, features songs that are penned by up-and-coming lyricist and dialogue writer Neeraj Pandey. Though his name might be confused with filmmaker Neeraj Pandey who has given memorable films such as Special 26 and A Wednesday, the lyricist is gradually making his way to the upper echelons of Hindi cinema with his work.

Just prior to Ram Prasad ki Tehrvi, the writer impressed with his lyrics in the Sanjay Mishrastarrer Kaamyaab, and he was also part of the motley crew of writers for Vir Das’ Hindi comedy series Hasmukh. With Pahwa’s film, Neeraj has once again delivered thought-provoking songs. “The film is about life and our relationship with life, and the songs revolve around this theme,” says Neeraj who has written all the four songs, including the theme song. “For one of the tracks, I was given Kishore Kumar’s Aa Chal Ke Tujhe Main Leke Chalun as a reference. I was very anxious because I had to be as close as possible to this reference. Writing was not at all easy,” reveals the lyricist who has been writing poetry since his school days.

The writer reveals the original four songs he had written are not part of the film. “After I worked on Kaamyaab, I was recommended to Seema ji. When I showed her some of my work, she liked it and asked me to write for the film.It was quite a challenge for me because I had to prove myself with every song. None of the songs I wrote initially are in the film. So what I had written was more like a pitch to Seema ji. Only after the music was composed, I had to write the songs all over again,” he explains. Going forward, Neeraj is working on two web series, a social drama about relationships and another period drama. “I have been working on the series for a year now. It is for one of the leading OTT platforms. On the other show, I have worked as a dialogue writer,” he says.