Deadpool 3: Galactic Marvel epic infused with Star Wars influence

Director Shawn Levy explores his love for the Vader/Luke duel, a scene cherished by Star Wars fans 
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool 3, an upcoming superhero drama by Shawn Levy, is conscious of the immense expectations riding on his shoulders. He has ingeniously drawn inspiration from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Levy delves into his deep admiration for the Vader/Luke duel, a pivotal scene that stirred the souls of Star Wars enthusiasts worldwide.

Levy, enraptured by the serene stillness followed by the electrifying spectacle in Return of the Jedi, has woven this essence into Deadpool 3. Describing it as a ‘Jedi moment,’ he studied the scene's nuances – the framing, the pacing, the visual finesse – to craft a homage that promises to leave audiences awe-inspired.

What elevates this anticipation to unprecedented heights is the amalgamation of two iconic worlds. Deadpool 3 not only marks the Merc with a Mouth’s grand entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also signifies a groundbreaking alliance with the Star Wars universe. The mastermind behind this ambitious crossover has been officially entrusted with directing a new Star Wars saga for Lucasfilm, adding an extra layer of cosmic allure to his Deadpool venture.

But that’s not all. In a cinematic twist that races hearts, the legendary Hugh Jackman dons the iconic yellow comic-book suit again, reprising his role as Wolverine alongside Ryan Reynolds’ irreverent Deadpool. This unexpected reunion adds an extra layer of intrigue to Deadpool 3, making it a rendezvous of legends, a spectacle that promises to redefine the superhero genre. Deadpool 3 is reportedly scheduled for a theatrical release in 2024. 

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