SRK's signature charm, Kamal Haasan's message and Anirudh's performance made Jawan pre-release event a memorable affair

Spectators became extremely excited witnessing Shah Rukh's friendly interactions with the movie's crew
Shah Rukh Khan at Jawan Pre launch event in Chennai
Shah Rukh Khan at Jawan Pre launch event in Chennai

Hundreds of fans cheering in a packed stadium, a performance by Anirudh Ravichander, SRK shaking a leg with Priyamani and Sunil Grover and a special message by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan, the pre-launch event of Jawan in Chennai was a fun-filled celebration. The electric atmosphere was elevated by the charming presence of Badshah of Bollywood who said that he always wanted to learn something from the Tamil film industry. 

Shah Rukh Khan expressed his deep emotions and connections with the Tamil film industry in his speech. Talking about the event, he said, "I have never attended a function for a film like this in my life. Very early on, some of the finest cinema comes from Tamil Nadu. I was lucky to have made two friends - Mani Ratnam and Santosh Sivan. Shot Chaiyya Chaiyya and worked on Dil Se. Then I got to know the wonderful Kamal Haasan and worked on Hey Ram. It was the first and last I spoke in Tamil. Then, I became friends with the great Rajinikanth sir, who did one scene in Ra.One.”

The energy in the location was highly charged. Spectators became extremely excited witnessing Shah Rukh's friendly interactions with the movie's crew, particularly when he warmly embraced Anirudh with a kiss on the cheeks and exchanged a sincere hug with his co-star Vijay Sethupathi. As usual, Shah Rukh, known for his captivating performances, displayed his legendary dance steps on the stage alongside Priyamani and Sunil Grover, dancing to his track One Two Three Four. And how could he forget to enthral the audience with his trademark open-arms pose. 

Talking about his collaboration with SRK, Atlee said, “10 years ago, we went to Bandstand for Endhiran shooting. I stood in front of Mannat. 13 years later, the doors of his house opened for me when he requested to meet me. Till this second, not one decision has been taken without consulting me. This opportunity has taken this film and my life to another level. He is more than my father. He is everything to me.”

The director added, “When we discussed this film, it was the Covid-19 hit. I used to complete films in six months and release them in the seventh month. That’s because of Thalapathy. During the lockdown, we discussed and our budget became huge. But Gauri Ma’am and SRK took the decision. I gave three years of my life for that. I want to give my best.”

Kamal Haasan also made an appearance in a video extending his best wishes to the team of Jawan. He praised Shah Rukh saying, “The way you've conducted your career of 30 years with panache and dignity in the face of the worst outrages is commendable.”

Vijay recalled his first meeting with SRK during his speech saying, “Met SRK in Melbourne. They had chairs. I was looking for mine and then found mine next to SRK. He complimented me and I was shocked! At the after-party, he said what I said about you was true. SRK treats people equally. I believe actors should treat people equally so he could treat his characters like that. SRK sir, I always wonder how your brain is working and love the way you answer. Thank you and love you.”

He also said that he was very comfortable working with Atlee and called Theri his favourite film. He said, “It was because of Atlee, that Jawan took shape. Many people have said things about Atlee. He took us on flights and buses. I was comfortable working with you. Theri was my favourite film. I’d usually like to discuss it with directors and I could do it with Atlee. I love the way Atlee executed the film. I never expected it. When I was in school, I loved a girl but she was in love with SRK. I took revenge now after so many years.”
Later while addressing the audience, SRK humorously referred to Vijay's speech about girls and revenge. He playfully asserted his claim, stating, “You can take revenge, but you cannot take the girls away from me. They belong to me and now to Jaffer.”

Turning his attention to Anirudh, Shah Rukh affectionately referred to him as ‘little baby Anirudh.’ He also acknowledged Anirudh's notable composition, Why This Kolaveri Di, which gained global popularity on release. “Little baby Anirudh, who is like my son. He is telling me that he couldn't miss my call, but I hope he doesn’t graduate so much and become so so big in the Hindi film industry (By god’s grace, he should) that he doesn’t take my calls. I will miss you, my son,” he said. 

Recalling an amusing incident, the Pathaan star remembered comedian Yogi Babu's impactful presence in the movie Chennai Express, saying, “I remember him from Chennai Express and everybody was screaming in the theatre. I thought it was for me, but it was him!”

Jawan is slated for a release on September 7. The film will be presented in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, promising an expansive cinematic experience for audiences across languages. 

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