Aditya Nanda makes his Bollywood debut with 'Dono'

The actor talks about his Bollywood debut; experience working in the film, and more

Manu Vipin Published :  11th October 2023 01:27 PM   |   Published :   |  11th October 2023 01:27 PM
Aditya Nanda, who acted in Amazon Prime series Adhura, Kota Factory, United Kacchey, Mind the Malhotras season 2, and many more, is making his Bollywood debut with Dono alongside Rajveer Deol and Palo

Aditya Nanda

Aditya Nanda, who made his big Bollywood debut with Dono, shares his experience working in the film, and more.

What was your initial reaction when you found out you were cast in Dono?

I think this story emerges from the kahavat, jo hota hai, ache ke liye hota hai, because before this project I was all set to do another feature film. The workshops were underway, the costume trials were done and we were supposed to start shoot in a week’s time but then I came to know that I am not in the film anymore due to some creative changes in the script. That honestly left me completely dejected. And then one day I got a call from Mukesh Chhabariya sir’s team to come for an audition for an undisclosed project, which later turns out to be Dono. So, I sent in my audition, half heartedly, still hurting from what went down earlier in the week. From there, things happened quite quickly, as I later found out it was a Rajshri movie. So, in two week’s time, I went from being thrown out of a film only to be roped in by Rajshri film. So, I can’t complain!

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How did you prepare for your role?

Preparing for this character was honestly pretty difficult for me because he is nowhere close to who I am. But that made it fun to explore too. Gaurav is a very grey character and I remember talking to Avnish about this at length, that I don’t want to portray him as a cliché, who does certain things because he has to be the dominant or the alpha male in every scene or even worse, because it’s written in the script. That’s when Avnish and I discussed his past life and his journey, which made him who he is and justified his actions and mentality.  

What was it working with the rest of the cast and the director on the set?

Working with Rajshri Productions feels like you’re entering a joint family venture. As soon as you get on the set everyone greets you like you’re a part of their family. Sooraj sir made me feel like a son and Avnish made me feel like his younger brother. That being said, kudos to Avnish for being so cool headed and calm throughout the shooting of this film because it surely would have been a difficult thing to handle since you’re working with all newcomers. And if that isn’t enough, he also had the legacy of Rajshri Productions to be taken forward with his directorial debut. Talking about my co-actors, it was a pleasure to share screen with all of them. Rajveer, Paloma, Rohan, Kanikka, Poojan and Manik are amazing actors and more importantly great human beings. So, it was a lot of fun working with all of them.

Aditya Nanda

Which aspect of the film did you enjoy working on the most, and why?

As an aspiring actor I think everyone wishes to be a part of a project with a big banner. So, after that box was checked for me, hearing that we are going to be shooting the majority of our schedule in Thailand was the icing on the cake. So, I loved the entire schedule that we shot in Thailand. And you always get closer to the people you’re working with when you’re on an outdoor schedule as you are practically with them 24/7. You share the same breakfast table, the same hotel, the same cars. So yeah, I had a gala time with the cast and crew.

What do you hope audiences take away from this film, and how do you envision it shaping your career in Bollywood?

This film for me is all about getting closure in life and loving yourself for who you are. I hope this movie changes the perspective of everyone who is hurting from maybe a sour relationship or for anyone who thinks that they aren’t good enough to be with someone. Because all you need to do is accept yourself for who you are with all your insecurities, all your frailties and all your scars because in reality that is what makes you different. And, at the end of the day, you will surely find someone who will want you for exactly who you are.

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Are any projects or genres you’re particularly excited about exploring next?

I have always been a fan of romantic dramas and I attribute that to Shah Rukh sir and Ranbir Kapoor. So, given a chance, I would love to explore that genre. I have also been a fan of Neeraj Pandey sir’s movies as I love thrillers too. So, getting a chance to work with him would be a dream come true.

What are your future projects?

I have just completed shooting for an Amazon Prime series with Pritish Nandy communications and that’s set for release sometime next year. I will start shooting my next feature film, with a big banner that I can’t disclose at moment.