BAFTA 2024: Robert Downey Jr wins Best Actor trophy for ‘Oppenheimer’, thanks ‘that dude’ Christopher Nolan

Taking the stage after the win, Downey Jr. embarked on a comedic and introspective speech
In frame: Robert Downey Jr
In frame: Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr’s BAFTA win for Best Supporting Actor in Oppenheimer wasn’t just about the golden mask – it was a hilarious and heartfelt journey through his career, with a special shout-out to ‘that dude’ Christopher Nolan.
Taking the stage after the win, Downey Jr. embarked on a comedic and introspective speech. “At 15, I dreamt of being Peter O'Toole,” he confessed, “but at 25, working with Attenborough and Hopkins, I understood Dickie’s point about Tony being a better role model!” Laughter rippled through the audience as he referenced characters from his early career.

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The journey continued, “At 42, two Guy Ritchie films later, I learned to make Hollywood blockbusters with British charm. Then, for a dozen years, I played a certain Tony in the MCU.” The crowd roared with recognition, acknowledging his iconic Iron Man role.
Then came the turning point, “Recently, 'that dude' Chris Nolan suggested I try an understated approach to revive my 'dwindling credibility,'” he winked, raising the audience's anticipation. “So, I share this with my fellow nominees: this has been an exceptional year.”

 Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Lewis Strauss in Nolan's biopic Oppenheimer resonated with the jury, marking his second BAFTA win. His previous victory was for Best Actor in Chaplin way back in 1992, followed by a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Tropic Thunder in 2009.

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This win solidifies Downey Jr.’s position as a versatile and celebrated actor, capable of both comedic quips and poignant reflection. And his tribute to Nolan reminds us of the collaborative spirit that fuels great filmmaking.
So, cheers to Downey Jr., his ‘dwindling credibility’ officially revived, and to ‘that dude’ Nolan for recognising the understated brilliance within him! Remember, sometimes all it takes is a little Nolan magic to bring forth an award-winning performance.

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