Teaser for Raima Sen's 'Maa Kaali' sheds light on the tragedy of Direct Action Day

The film will release this year in Hindi, Bengali and Telugu languages.
Raima Sen in a still from the film
Raima Sen in a still from the film

After almost eight decades of the horrendous and unfortunate dark event of our Indian history, director Vijay Yelakanti is all set to present the erased history of the Direct Action Day, and Noakhali massacres with Maa Kaali, that stars Raima Sen and Abhishek Singh.

Raima Sen in a still from the film
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The makers dropped the teaser for the film, taking the audience back to the bloodied and mournful event, revealing the brutalities of the massacre subjected to Hindus in Bengal and how the fire of partition of India was spread from Bengal to the entire British India.

Releasing this year, marking the 78th year of the event, Maa Kaali pays a homage to the lives sacrificed in the ruthless genocide and uncovers the conspiracy of divide, riots and politics that led to the biggest human crisis of the 20th century and how its after effects are still still felt to the day and the continued suffering.

Presenting the truth through the lens of a Hindu family reliving the atrocities of the monstrous tragedy, the teaser sheds light on the motive, process and aftermath of the demand for partition of India. The makers boldly ask to ‘Unplug the earphones. Let the Truth be Heard, LOUD and CLEAR’ as the teaser starts to play.

Depicting the then communal turmoil in the Nation and especially in Bengal, the teaser engages the audience with its compelling storyline, impactful dialogues and poignant visuals. From wiping the teeka off little Hindu girls’ foreheads to crashing the idol of Maa Kaali, the scenes are sure to be etched in the audience’s minds.

Raima shares, “Being a Bengali, the story deeply resonates with the atrocities our people faced in the massacre. However, despite being a Bengali, even I was unaware of many details of the heart-rendering event, hence when this film came to me, it became a moral responsibility to narrate the truth of the Direct Action Day.”

IAS-turned-actor Abhishek shares, “Maa Kaali shares the ordeal of one of the most important and relevant events of our history, yet the details of the monstrous tragedy stay unknown till date. With the film we aim to create awareness of the genocide that shook the nation.”

Raima Sen in a still from the film
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The pan-Indian film shot in Hindi, will release in Bengali and Telugu languages, this year.

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