Aditi Dhiman opens up about her upcoming movie, 'Hamare Baraah'

The film releases on Friday, June 14
Aditi Dhiman
Aditi Dhiman

Aditi Dhiman is set to captivate audiences with her role as Zareen in the highly anticipated film Hamare Baraah, releasing worldwide on June 14. In this compelling drama, Aditi stars alongside renowned actors like Annu Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Ashwini Kaleskar, Parth Samthaan, and many more.

Aditi Dhiman
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In Hamare Baraah, Aditi portrays Zareen, a character full of dreams and aspirations. Zareen's journey is a poignant one, as she strives to achieve her goals despite societal constraints that limit opportunities for women. Her biggest challenge comes from within her own family, with her father being a significant obstacle to her ambitions.

Expressing her excitement about the role, Aditi says, "Playing Zareen has been an incredibly enriching experience. She is a dreamer, much like many of us, and her story is a testament to the resilience and determination required to pursue one's dreams. I was drawn to her character because of her unwavering spirit, despite the numerous challenges she faces. I believe many people will see a part of themselves in Zareen."

She further adds, "Working alongside such a talented cast has been an honour. The energy on set was palpable, and I believe we have created something truly special that will resonate with the audience."

Aditi Dhiman
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With Hamare Baraah promising a blend of powerful performances and a gripping narrative, Aditi's portrayal of Zareen is set to be a highlight of the film. Audiences worldwide are eagerly awaiting its release to witness the inspiring journey of a dreamer determined to carve her own path.

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