Finding the Real Truth

Filmmaker Purujit Banwasi’s short film Confession, a cop movie, goes beyond finding the real culprit
A still from the short film
A still from the short film

Movies are a way to tell stories and sometimes show the whole story in a moment. Filmmaker Purujit Banwasi found that one moment in a brief minute while a cop interrogated a suspect. His short film Confession goes into the details and nuances of that one moment.

A still from the short film
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Banwasi explains the film is a classic interrogation, except that it doesn’t go into whether this person committed the crime or not, but rather focuses on the person’s confession. Having always been a fan of interrogation scenes, it’s no surprise the script was long-brewing in his head. “Every filmmaker wants to make one film with an interrogation scene. When I got into writing it, I started wondering why this is such an interesting topic. It led me to write about morality. So the film does show interrogation but not in the regular way that we have seen earlier,” says Banwasi. Sharing further, he says, “Instead of the police interrogating the community, the course of events turn out in such a way that it is the criminal interrogating the police.”

A still from the short film
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Being a filmmaker, he says he is fond of watching a lot of movies, irrespective of the genre. The inspiration for the movie came from many movies he had watched earlier. “This movie has been inspired in many places, including the likes of The Dark Knight and Batman. A lot of the scenes bled into the vocabulary that I was using as a writer and director. So I would often reference these films for costumes, sets, lighting, or writing,” he says, adding, “I worked on films with friends during the lockdown. I learned a lot about lighting and editing. It was during the lockdown that I picked up editing at home. I stumbled on an editing software, and that gave me the confidence to make my film,” says Banwasi.

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