Actor Ayush Shrivastava on his film 'Amar Colony'

The film is all set to release on an OTT platform on July 5
In Frame: Ayush Shrivastava
In Frame: Ayush Shrivastava

Ayush Shrivastava, who is currently starring as Khusro in the television show Alibaba - Dastaan-E-Kabul and is known for his roles in Kalank and Abhay 2, is all geared up for the release of his award-winning film on Open Theatre on July 5.

Ayush is one of the main characters in director Siddharth Chauhan's feature film Amar Colony, which won the best debut director award at the International Film Festival of Kerala and has also taken home the special jury prize at the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Talking about his role, Ayush shares, “I am playing the role of Mohit in the film. Mohit is Devki's son, and he lives with his paralysed mother in a dilapidated building called Amar Colony, where all the drama unfolds. Mohit is the male lead of the film among the ensemble cast. He has his own share of insecurities, fears and ambitions in this environment. For that reason, I would like people who haven't watched it yet to go and watch it on July 5. Every time you watch this movie, it says something new that you might have missed the last time.”

Speaking about his interest in the film, he mentions, “Initially, it was the title Amar Colony that intuitively drew me to audition for this project, despite being committed to a web show that was on hold. Something about it felt like a calling. During my audition for the role of Mohit, I had a strong sense that this part was meant for me. I rely on intuition for my decisions, and this time it led me right. When I later read the script, I realised my intuition had been spot on.”

In Frame: Ayush Shrivastava
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Talking about why this film is a must watch for the audience, Ayush says, “I feel Amar Colony is a very real, raw and unfiltered story, something not often seen in mainstream cinema. Siddharth has touched on various taboos that exist in human society but are often avoided in discussion. He has portrayed every character in a nuanced, grey area, showing that they are neither entirely right nor wrong—much like life itself.”

Asking about his working experience, he adds, “As I mentioned earlier, the raw nature of Amar Colony made my experience liberating. As an actor, you always want to work on path-breaking projects that push you beyond conventional limits, both rationally and emotionally. There is a scene in the film with my on-screen mother, Sangeeta ji (Devki), where Siddharth told me the day before to do it entirely my way, ignoring his script, and just perform as Mohit. The trust he put in me led to an experience that left me in tears after the scene, which was a one-shot take and a crucial breakdown point in the film. Overall, my experience has been very fulfilling. Additionally, I won an award for my performance in Amar Colony last year, which was the cherry on top.”

Talking about his thoughts on platforms like Open Theatre giving platform to independent films, he says. “I am incredibly happy and proud to be part of this platform. We needed such platforms for movies like Amar Colony, which I believe the audience is eager to see. However, due to various stereotypes, even in the OTT world, these films often don't reach their audience. Open Theatre OTT has taken this initiative, and I am thrilled about it. I wish it continued growth and success, which I believe it will achieve.”

The plot of Amar Colony, which is set in Shimla, centres around three women living ordinary lives in a chawl and features Nimisha Nair, Sangeeta Agarwal, Usha Chauhan, Sreejith Vijay, Deepak Sharma among others.

In Frame: Ayush Shrivastava
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