Hell in a Cell will be the culmination of this long feud: Drew McIntyre about his match against Bobby Lashley

Lashley will be defending his WWE Championship title against McIntyre
Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre

With just a few hours to go for the much-awaited Hell in a Cell 2021 event that features Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre with the former defending his WWE Championship, there’s been a buzz around this much-awaited title match.

Though McIntyre is expected to win the title, the lead-up to the event has been quite intense with many voicing their opinion about McIntyre’s run. In a chat earlier this week, the superstar opened up about his performance and why he is okay with criticism. “I don’t react to the criticism. I understand a lot of it comes from the loud minority around and I always pay attention to all my fans including this minority. They are the super fans; all I can do is do my job to the best of my ability in whatever situation I am put in. Currently, I have been in this feud with Lashley for a few months, and the big thing I have heard over and over is the number of matches we’ve had. Realistically I have had three matches – WrestleMania, RAW and Triple Threat, so this will be the fourth match. It’s not like I have had 500 matches, but of course, this has been a long feud,” said the champion defending his position.

However, it wasn’t like McIntyre didn’t put his best forward. He had a successful storyline with Randy Orton, and he admits that this was a great learning experience for him. “It was different with the Randy Orton feud. Orton is a phenomenon and when I got to fight him, I got to show whether I belonged in the main event scene or I don’t belong to the WWE championship. I am grateful for that time period. I learned a lot and showed I belong with the absolute best.”

With Lashley, McIntyre says it’s different because he believes the former is in a position that Drew was in a year prior. He says that after so many years, Lashley has put the pieces together and has stepped up and now both of them are the big bulls in the story, trying to show who the alpha is. McIntyre faced Lashley only four times in one-on-one competition dating back to WWE Backlash 2020. “Hell In A Cell will be the culmination of this long feud. I may be able to win back the title. I didn’t come into the WWE to play second fiddle. I came back to be a champion. I won the title in front of no fans, I regained the title in front of virtual fans, and I am not a champion in front of real fans, it will be an interesting story to watch about how I win my way back,” he says.

Fans can watch Drew McIntyre on Hell in a Cell which will be aired LIVE in India on June 21, 2021 on SONY TEN 1, SONY TEN 3 (in Hindi) from 5.30 am (IST)

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