Tom Hiddleston binge-watch special: All our favourite movies starring the British heartthrob 

Thomas William Hiddleston is talent, charming, and insanely handsome, all in one. Although this description sums up about most of the British actors.

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Tom Hiddleston on Kong: Skull Island

Tom Hiddleston on Kong: Skull Island

Thomas William Hiddleston is talent, charming, and insanely handsome, all in one. Although this description sums up about most of the British actors.

But there’s something about these Brits, isn’t it? Well, coming back to Hiddleston.

Over a rather short span of a career, this actor has managed to play a wide range of characters, under some of the best directors, and at the same time, managed to be a ball of sunshine who is out to save the world.

Let’s look at some of the most amazing roles played by the actor, as Sony PIX extends the celebrations of his 39th birthday on 9 February.

Kong: Skull Island
Tom plays the character of James Conrad, an ex-serviceman in the British Army. He is good at tracking and hunting things, and which is why he is brought in the team that goes on a dangerous expedition to Skull Island. Hiddleston showcased a certain demeanour and brought a ‘man broken by War’ aura that added the much-needed depth to Conrad’s character and got us interested in his past. Hiddleston managed to bring out the best in his character and delivered a good performance. Watch Kong: Skull Island on Sony PIX.


Tom Hiddleston in Thor Ragnarök


Thor Ragnarök
The role of Loki couldn’t have rightfully gone to any other actor at this point as Tom has personified the trickster god in such a way that trying to replace him with anyone else would be kind of an insult to the fans and a big mistake on the part of the MCU. Hiddleston brought true Shakespearean weight to a role that could have easily become a gaudy caricature. With his menace and wit, Hiddleston managed to make greasy hair, a big-horned helmet and evil look good.


Tom Hiddleston in Archipelago


The 2010 British flick, directed by Joanna Hogg, stars Hiddleston as Edward, a man preparing to leave for a year of voluntary service in Africa. His mother and sister decide to gather the family together on a remote island as a farewell trip. But when Edward’s father is delayed, the unspoken forces of absence and loss bring the family’s buried anger and tension to the surface. The movie marks another strong performance from Hiddleston, who always excels in subtle, naturalistic roles.


Tom Hiddleston in High Rise


High Rise
Ben Wheatley’s 2015 dystopian thriller High Rise was destined to swim based on the portrayals of its characters – both good and bad. And this is what makes Hiddleston’s protagonist, Dr Robert Laing, so fascinating to watch. Laing walks the blurred line between morality and depravity, seducing women, but also attempting to take down Jeremy Irons’ corrupt establishment. It’s an intense watch – but one in which brooding Hiddleston shines.


Tom Hiddleston in Midnight Paris


Midnight Paris
Tom Hiddleston plays the role of the classic novelist, Scott Fitzgerald. Though only a short role, Hiddleston got under the skin of the character and managed to stand out in a film packed with stars such as Owen Wilson, Rachael McAdams and Marion Cotillard. He elegantly caught the accent right, got the looks right, got the drinking right too! His portrayal was so spot-on that people actually started comparing his resemblance to Fitzgerald.