Wild Villa, a new reality show, is a platform for those aspiring to be on Splitsvilla; host Nikhil Chinapa tells us more

'There's no love, no need to partner with other contestants; you just need to defeat the other at any cost,' explains the host
Nikhil Chinapa
Nikhil Chinapa

Popular television host and DJ Nikhil Chinapa is back on screen. This time, the host helms a new show called Wild Villa, a Splitsvilla spinoff series. In an interview with Indulge, Nikhil tells us more about the show that's streaming exclusively on Voot Select. Excerpts:

What is Wild Villa all about?
Wild Villa is a spinoff to Splitsvilla, it’s a brand-new take that audiences haven’t seen before. We have a small group of participants competing in a fierce battle to make it to Splitsvilla. There’s no love, no need to partner with other contestants. You just need to defeat each other at any cost. The show has no rules, giving the contestants a chance to do whatever they want and run free with their imagination. The title of the show nails the concept perfectly, the show is bold and spirited like never before. 

How different is it from Splitsvilla?
The best way to describe the difference would be unfiltered. Being on a digital platform, we’ve had more elbow room to push boundaries and create challenges that wouldn’t be possible to air on television. Another key difference is the fact that there are only 6 contestants, which makes for a more intimate viewing experience. 

How have you tried to keep it unique with your inputs and anchoring?
We haven’t designed anything to be naughty per se. The contestants are the ones who have done it all. The tasks are designed in a way that challenge the contestants to use their creativity in the best way possible, and this incredible group have pushed limits like never before. We improvise on the spot at times when I feel there is a better way to execute a task, but the X factor certainly comes from the contestant’s performances. 

How did the shoot happen considering the pandemic restrictions?
The team took every precaution possible, making the process of shooting very easy. We were all tested for Covid before we left our homes, and when we landed on the island in Kerala, all 220 people were quarantined for 5 days and tested again. Only after everyone tested negative did we get back to work. We shot in a bubble, no one was allowed into or out of the entire resort, so all the staff were part of the bubble. 

Do you feel participants today are different compared to the participant in earlier reality shows? How different are they?
Every show calls for a different type of participant, this show needed contestants who were willing to go the extra mile and that’s exactly what we’ve found. Since we’re on a digital platform, the contestants have more freedom, they’ve been able to harness their creativity in many surprising ways. Even I’ve been taken aback sometimes! I’ve confident audiences are going to be delighted by this group of contestants, they are all different characters worth watching. 

What is the format of Wild Villa? Can you tell us a little bit about the rounds and any big highlights?
There are only six contestants, three boys and three girls. They engage in different challenges and tasks, with the winner getting a chance to enter Splitsvilla. The format of the show is quite different, its nothing like what audiences have seen on television. Entering Spiltsvilla is an added bonus, the show itself is going to be fascinating to watch from a viewer’s perspective. Perhaps not with your parents though! 

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How has dating changed in today's time?
Dating today is definitely a world apart from our times! These kids have grown up in a digital world, and that reflects in their dating lives as well. I think with the rising popularity of dating apps, most people meet online these days. People are more open to exploring and taking their time to settle down in today’s world, as result people engage in more casual dating. That being said, dating has always been challenging and I think today’s generation goes after what they want. If they want love, they’ll find it!  

What do you think the future of dating is going to be like?
I think the pandemic will certainly change the way people date. This period of isolation has showed people the importance of relationships in one’s life. Going forward, I think the younger generation will invest more in long term relationships and try to form long lasting bonds with the people they date.

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