MTV Splistvilla is back and here's Sunny Leone's advice on dating, 'Take it slow and enjoy hanging out with each other'

Hosts Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha on what to expect from MTV Splitsvilla X3

Ayesha Tabassum Published :  11th March 2021 07:29 PM   |   Published :   |  11th March 2021 07:29 PM

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone is back for the seventh time as the co-host of the reality dating show MTV Splitsvilla that enters its 13th season this year. The vivacious and charming actress who is known for her coquettish smile is presenting the new season with her co-host Rannvijay Singha who is a regular face on the channel.

MTV Splitsvilla X3 comes with a new twist in the theme and promises to be a bigger surprise than all the previous seasons. Although auditions were held virtually to select the 21 contestants, the show was shot at the scenic Poovar Island Resort that was turned into a bio-bubble. However, the gloom of the pandemic didn’t dull the spirit of the contestants, and the hosts.

Sunny says, “I think after the lockdown, everyone was just looking forward to release the pent up energy. We had this great looking bunch of contestants who were raring to go.” The entire crew of the show was under strict quarantine and was tested before the shoot began. “Completing the last schedule of Roadies gave us confidence to go ahead and plan Splitsvilla X3, and getting work during those initial months of the pandemic was a big deal so that energy and excitement was really high,” says Rannvijay.

MTV Splistvilla
Rannvijay with the contestants. Pic credit: Sartaj Singh Sangha

This season though, the new twist is that there’s not one but two villas — one gold and the other silver. Rannvijay explains how this theme draws from Greek mythology. He says, “It’s believed that cupid, the god of desire had two arrows — the gold and silver arrows, and getting hit by these arrows implied different levels of attraction.” Although the show has always been popular for its unabashedly bold content, it’s the co-host, Sunny, who continues to be the star attraction.

She believes the aim of the makers — to help contestants find love — is all that matters. She says, “Even though we pit strangers against each other in some unique situations and circumstances, it all boils down to finding the right connection. Dating has changed quite a lot, but the show provides an
opportunity and space to date. But this season is challenging for contestants because of the intense tasks.”

Contestants assigned to the silver villa have the liberty to explore bonds, in contrast to those in the gold villa who need to live up to their tag of being committed to one person. These love games make for an intriguing, engaging and dramatic narrative. While the audience will watch all that’s shot on camera, what went on behind the scenes seems more interesting because it wasn’t just work for Sunny. The actress took her children along with her to the resort. “My schedule wasn’t too demanding. We would mostly shoot at night and I got to spend time with my children during the day. We were in quarantine and it was all safe,” she signs off.

Sunny and Rannvijay's dating tips
What’s your advice to people who are dating?
Take it slow and enjoy hanging out with each other.
Rannvijay: Today young people know what they want and they will get it. They don’t need advice.

What’s your idea of a perfect place for a date?
Somewhere on a beach and with wine.
Rannvijay: It depends a lot on the other person. My wife loves the beach, so I would take her there.

What would you wear on a date?
Something that suits my body type, without being too revealing.
Rannvijay: Smart casuals and, of course, sneakers.

Who should pay the bill?
I am a traditionalist. I think a man should pay. Even if the woman offers to pay, the man should make the woman feel like she’s being taken care of.
Rannvijay: It depends on where you are in the relationship. But I think the guy should pay, maybe the second time both can contribute equally?

Virtual or offline dating?
Meeting the person in real is the only way.
Rannvijay: Definitely offline dates.

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