Winners and contestants from different seasons of Bigg Boss Telugu talk about their experiences

A house of lessons & memories

author_img Shreya Veronica Published :  25th December 2021 05:36 PM   |   Published :   |  25th December 2021 05:36 PM
Ariyana Glory (Source: Internet)

Ariyana Glory (Source: Internet)

Bigg Boss has been that house where dreams have come true for many, but the struggle the contestants go through during the show does teach them lessons for life. As Bigg Boss Telugu completes its five seasons, we get in touch with contestants and winners of the show who share their experience about living in the house, how it has changed their lives and more.

VJ Sunny, the winner of Bigg Boss season five, tells CE that being an inmate of the Big Boss house had been a dream long pending. “I was looking forward to being part of the show since the very first season, and I was finally able to do it this year. I had to give up taking the offer for the past two seasons and finally got the chance to spend a total of 105 days in the house of my dreams. With everyone’s love and support, I was able to emerge the winner.”

Sunny, who is now basking in the success of his recent victory, shares a little about how it was living inside that controversial house. “In the house, all I did was be myself. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it — the ambiance and the aura of the Bigg Boss world, which made me want to be a part of the show for years. It was beautiful and my journey was all positive. Only in the game, when there were tasks assigned, it got a little stressful and competitive, and obviously, I missed my friends and family. But overall, it was a different experience,” he says.

In one of the episodes, Sunny’s mother came to visit him in the house and he couldn’t control his emotions. Sharing about what that meant to him, he says, “That day and moment gave me goosebumps (laughs). It was like the lava of emotions overflowing from my heart. The smallest of things matter to me, and my mom’s visit brought me such joy.”

Until the very moment of lifting the cup, Sunny says he was tense throughout. “I did not know what the situation outside the house was like, but once I stepped out, I was scared and speechless. The only gift my mom ever asked of me was the Bigg Boss cup and I was worried about not being able to fulfill her wish. Now that I have won, I am on a cloud beyond nine. When I came out, I saw a huge crowd cheer for me, and I felt that the cup I was holding was in each of their hands. I would like to thank all those who supported me.”

Sunny has already bagged a role in an upcoming film and we’re not surprised. Excited, he says, “I recently signed a film titled Sakala Gunabhi Rama, and I can’t wait for it to release. Songs from the film, sung by Amit Trivedi, are already out and the response has been humbling.”

On what he plans to do next, he says, “I’m a huge fan of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and I told myself that I would visit Kedarnath (a film about which Rajput acted in), once I’m out of the house. I’ll make the trip after my visit to Tirupati in February.”

Anchor Ravi, one of the most popular and favourite contestants of season 5, opens up about his experience. Unlike Sunny’s, his journey wasn’t smooth sailing. “For 85-odd days, it was like I was in an oven, baking inside. Every moment felt like I was living in a negative space, but the nature of the game is such — pointing out someone’s mistakes, pulling them down, allegations and nominations — there was so much negativity going on. However, I was aware of the atmosphere and went on the show knowing that it was not going to be easy. Once I was out, I was relieved to be able to spend time with my family. I got to take a vacation with them, which was a huge stress-buster. I realised that nothing more mattered to me than spending time with my loved ones,” says Ravi.

Ariyana Glory, another popular contestant from season 4, recalls how the show helped her become more responsible. “It was an amazing experience — being detached from the world for a good while and getting into that house, spending time with ourselves — all of these can help us evolve to be better versions of ourselves. These experiences help you make better decisions in real life. Everyone needs such an experience, at least once in their life. I was okay to be detached from my family for a while, because once I was out of the house, I knew what I missed and I began to love and respect my friends and family even more. After Bigg Boss, I feel even more responsible than I was back then.”