‘It was a joy to play a character where the sense of self worth was not tied up to wealth or power’

Actress Pravishi Das, who plays Tara’s (Shobita Dhulipala) sister in Made In Heaven 2, speaks to Indulge about sharing screen space with a dream team of actors and directors, and more

Manu Vipin Published :  14th August 2023 06:20 PM   |   Published :   |  14th August 2023 06:20 PM
 Pravishi Das

 Pravishi Das

Actress Pravishi Das, who is best known for her work in Rang De Basanti, No Smoking, Loins of Punjab Presents, Saawariya, Turning 30, Shaitan, Missing Persons Report, Chup among others, is currently basking in accolades for her role as Karuna -- Tara’s (Shobita Dhulipala) sister -- in Made In Heaven 2 on Amazon Prime created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti.

She speaks to Indulge about playing alongside great actors, working with ace directors, and her journey in the industry so far. Excerpts:

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How did you react on getting the part in Made In Heaven?

I’d worked with the Excel crew once before on a short film called The Chain directed by Richard Bohringer. So, I knew exactly what it meant to be doing anything associated with them. I was quite obviously over the moon to be working with writers and directors of the calibre of Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti, Nitya Mehra and Alankrita Srivastav. When you’re in such a safe environment creatively and aesthetically, you’re able to confidently take many leaps of faith. Even if you land on your face it’s still pretty gratifying because the sensibilities are aligned and you always create

We live in a world of the ruptured fairy tale. But in mainstream pop culture there isn’t enough representation of the real experience of ‘love’ and ‘marriage’. MIH finally spoke truth to power, to the power of the RomCom. Believe me, I’ve loved RomComs, possibly watched every single one ever made but the point is they set you up for failure or disappointment at the very least. MIH S1 while keeping it madly entertaining, landed its politics on target. Season 2 seemed to up the stakes. I found it a tad more serious, a little dark in places and yet incredibly hopeful. The idea that change is always coming and that there’s room for everyone under the sun is profoundly uplifting. The snail travels incredibly slowly but somehow he always arrives.

 Pravishi Das

Was there any real challenge that you have to overcome?

Not really, the skeleton, which is the script and crew, were so utterly fantastic that it was more than half the work done. I enjoyed playing Karuna very much. We all know many such young women, who may not have much in terms of material wealth but live with the dignity of a queen. It was a joy to play a character where the sense of self worth and self esteem was not tied up to wealth or power. In fact, she is able to look through the whole facade.

You’ve played alongside great actors. How was the atmosphere on the set?

Maninee De, Karan Mally and Sobitha felt like a family. It just felt very organic to be together in those scenes. This is the magic of good casting I guess, or we were just a happy bunch; maybe both! The set was professional and a general bonhomie prevailed.

From Rang de Basanti to MiH. How has the journey been?

That’s a hard one, simply because I wouldn’t know how to put in several years into a few lines. I’m grateful to have worked with the best in the business and had the chance to learn and grow my craft in the most nurturing environments.

It’s a harsh business; unfortunately that is the nature of the beast. Very often you put in a lot and get back very little. That’s the story for most artistes anywhere in the world. It’s been tough; it’s been good. A see-saw of heart breaks and hopes, but that's life really, isn’t it!   

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Are you getting the roles you always wanted?

I think to be working at all is a miracle; then to be living comfortably is a miracle on top of that. Jokes apart, you may not be the first choice, you may not be the tenth, but when you do get that opportunity, you do your hardest best and try do it happily without begrudging it. It’s a limited platter and you’re not the one calling the shots. So, my policy is to quietly keep working in my little corner. To keep working on myself is the formula to be peaceful and free.

How do you keep fit?

Yoga and dancing are my thing. Long walks; walking to every place that I could, even in the heat and rain of Mumbai! I enjoy walking very much; it clears my head. I love good food but I don’t eat out very much at all, may be just once or twice a month. Lots of fruits and lots of awesome home cooked food.