Why you may watch the new web show Raja Rani Romeo!

The newest web show by Joydip Banerjee on KLiKK stars actors Arpan Ghosal, Swikriti Majumder, Joyjit Banerjee and Jeet Sundar in prominent roles.
Joyjit (L); Arpan & Swikriti
Joyjit (L); Arpan & Swikriti

Raja Rani Romeo, a story of love, lust, betrayal and constant attempts to lead a dream life, forms the crux of this new series by Klikk Originals, Raja Rani Romeo, directed by Joydip Banerjee.

Imran Mondol (Arpan Ghoshal), a.k.a. Mithun Das, has been leading a quiet and peaceful life in the small town of Fulbari and works at a small dhaba. He had fled his village to avoid persecution and has been living on scraps ever since. But as soon as Imran thought he had found stability in life, a phone left behind by a customer in the dhaba he works at, changed everything.

Joydip Banerjee, director
Joydip Banerjee, director

The woman (Swikriti Majumder) that comes to collect the phone the next day, sweeps him off his feet. Soon enough, that one primary meeting leads to another and before they know it, the proverbial arrow of cupid strikes! As the narrative progresses it is learnt that the woman is Gayatri, the wife of Bishnu Adhikary (Joyjit Banerjee), the dreaded Godfather of Paharganj, a town adjacent to Fulbari. Guddu (Jeet Sundar), Imran’s only friend in the town, warns Imran about it, but Imran is headlong deep in love.
Gayatri narrates her tale of woe to a lovelorn Imran…of the abuse she has been suffering at the hands of Bishnu and asks him to kidnap her and blackmail her treacherous husband. The plan was to flee with the ransom money and settle down together, somewhere far away from the clutches of the goon. According to her plan, soon Gayatri is tied up in an abandoned fort and Imran is on his way to collect the ransom demanded from Bishnu. A shocking twist in the tale reveals that instead of money, plain-clothed policemen were waiting to entrap him. By the dint of sheer luck, he escapes without being spotted, only to find a woman, dressed like Gayatri, back at the fort, but surprisingly, with no sign of Gayatri anywhere. And if that wasn't baffling enough, this woman was dead!

Before Imran could gather his bearings from everything that transpired at a frantic pace within the hour, wails of police sirens rent the air and fill the surroundings. A team of police is approaching the abandoned fort and Imran has no option other than to flee. As he tries to escape his head is clouded with myriad questions. Where is Gayatri? What happened to her? Is she okay? Who is the dead woman in Gayatri’s clothes? How did the police know about the location?

It seemed Imran’s story was coming to a full circle. He was on the run, YET again. But the only difference was that he wanted to find the truth this time. How the story unwinds and what happens next is something that you need to find out after watching the series. But we can guarantee you that there are reasons for you to watch it.

Jeet Sundar
Jeet Sundar

Jeet Sundar is a revelation

We have already seen how versatile Jeet Sundar is. With even the slightest change in his look, it seems that his personality changes completely. And it was no different this time. Jeet as Guddu was such an apt casting. The dear friend, the mate, the support system to Imran, Guddu is a lot more than this. Watch the series to find out why we call him a revelation.

Arpan-Swikriti chemistry

With the popularity of their onscreen couple in the television serial Meyebela, we expected the same spark and warmth in their chemistry, and they didn’t disappoint us. Swikriti’s sultry look is a bonus.

Joyjit as the ‘Raja’

Joyjit is the shrewd, cruel and diplomatic Godfather Bishnu Adhikary. Very typical of the godfathers that we see onscreen or read in books, we would say that Joyjit had prepared for his role well.


The music

The background music and the songs in the show need a special mention. Music director Pranjal Das has kept it catchy, and peppy and changes with the twists in the plot. The songs never bore you and never seemed unfit throughout the show.

Plot twists

The plot twists are the star of the show! Even if you get to see the plot in the very initial episodes, the ending may not be what you expect it to be. You know, you do not believe everything that you see!

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