Check out this exhibition, Bihar Crafts Mela, promoting Bihar's local artforms in Hyderabad

The touch of handloom weaves, and the feel of hand-made articles and other artefacts take us to another world
Bihar Crafts Mela
Bihar Crafts Mela

The touch of handloom weaves, and the feel of hand-made articles and other artefacts take us to another world. Bihar, being the land of rich tradition and culture, has brought a tiny piece of itself here to the city in the form of an exciting exhibition at Shilparamam. Called the Bihar Crafts Mela, it has a total of 89 stalls full of colour, spread across the lush lawns.

Sarees take up most of these stalls — different textiles, weaves, designs, silks and colours — one is sure to have a tough time browsing through the many shops to make the final pick. Even the dress materials seem to be selling like hot cakes with those with hand-printed designs on silk being the biggest hit. Chanderi and soft silk too have become a favourite at the mela. There are many handloom artists that you can see at this mela. The largest crowd was at the Sadik Silk Handloom stall which sold a variety of designer sarees, dupattas, dress materials and more.

Madhubani art gathered a lot of eyeballs, especially the Mithila Painting stall by Hema Karn. The way she painted intricate art on a handkerchief left customers in awe. Her painting beautiful colours of fabric paints playing inside the pretty black borders was a sight to behold. Hema also paints on sarees, small frames, masks and other different cloth materials that people could choose from. You can also customise your paintings by choosing the cloth and design.

The terracotta clay products were another highlight of the exhibition. Handmade pots, cups and dolls made out of clay and coloured beautifully make the best decor pieces for your home, and workplace, and even serve as great gifting options. All of these are being sold at a very reasonable price and have a variety of options to choose from.

Purses and baskets made out of wood splints are sure the biggest cakes of the very many hand-crafted materials at the mela. The artisans take two long days to get finish each purse and basket into numerous shapes, designs and colours — every penny you shell out for these is worth it! The food and drink stalls give you a glimpse of Bihar’s taste and keep you hydrated and energised throughout your shopping. So if you’re looking to carry a little of Bihar home, head to Shilparamam, HITEC City, before the mela ends on July 25!

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