Championing fashion and sustainability in Hyderabad

CE speaks to ace designer Amit Aggarwal ahead of the Hyderabad leg of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour about the showcase and more

author_img Reshmi Chakravorty Published :  22nd November 2022 02:34 PM   |   Published :   |  22nd November 2022 02:34 PM
At work

At work

The 16th edition of Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour, powered by the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) is coming to Hyderabad this weekend on November 25. This time the show is going beyond couture and reimagining its iconic legacy of 15 years, instead, the fashion tour will bring alive young, vibrant and evolving expressions of ‘Pride & Authenticity’ through the lens of a more sustainable, inclusive and diverse world of fashion & lifestyle.

With ace designer Ashish Soni as curator-in-chief and its continued partnership with FDCI, the Fashion Tour is set to travel through four metro cities of Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Gurugram. In its cutting-edge new avatar, it will present a spectacular collaboration between leading fashion designers and renowned personalities from diverse fields, who are reshaping the lifestyle interests of today’s youth. The Hyderabad chapter will present ‘Pride in Sustainable Fashion’ where designer Amit Aggarwal will exhibit a blend of modern sustainable techniques in fashion, together with Nuru Karim, one of the 100 most influential architects in India, committed to positively impacting the planet.

Talking about his collaboration with Blenders Pride Glassware Fashion Tour, Amit says, “Over the past ten years, we have consciously steered everything we do towards crafting stories that matter, not limiting sustainability to just another buzzword and ensuring that inclusion doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb but flows seamlessly in everything we do.

At this powerful stage given to us by the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, we celebrate everything that has made and remade us over the past decade. Moreover, we thought this would be an interesting experience in Hyderabad. The city has become one of our prominent and strongest markets over the years. Now mainly we have lots of young clientele who not only visit the city outlet but also travel to other cities to find the best of our collection.”

Interestingly, the fashion tour coincides with the ace designer’s 10th-year celebrations. “For us, sustainability is keeping our own culture of couture alive with the marriage of traditional crafts with new-age materials to ensure that the textiles appear indigenous yet modern and original at the same time,” says Amit. Further adding about what one can expect at the show, he says, “It was interesting to work with Nuru Karim. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who shares the same line of inspiration but has a different perception.

The showcase will have 50 pieces in every colour possible - happy and joyful ones along with nudes for both men and women. There are elaborate bridal wear lehengas, new age sarees that defy easy categories and yet are pleated with structured precision, column dresses that interact with the light and the human anatomy to change form with every movement and short dresses underlined with thigh-high slits and cutouts,” he shares.

They have structured the silhouettes through rubber cording to create armour-like forms and used the glitch pattern to accentuate tuxedos and jackets that glow in luminescent colours. “Our draped fluid forms with tube-pleating create multiple narratives that can mean a thousand things to the wearer and the viewer. To further shape our eternal celebration of sustainability and the endless possibilities it opens us up to, we have manifested it through the design language of our finely engineered set. Here, we have applied the beauty of mathematics to the wonders of nature, one that will be a node to organic forms crafted through inorganic and alternative materials. The experience will be biophilic— as the interactive outfits present themselves at the intersection of human anatomy and nature,” concludes the designer.