Valentine's Day Special: Unique gifts for every Valentine

From timeless classics to unique expressions, discover the perfect tokens to captivate hearts and create cherished moments
Unique gift's for Valentine
Unique gift's for Valentine

Unlock the language of love with our curated Valentine’s Day gifting guide. From timeless classics to unique expressions, discover the perfect tokens to captivate hearts and create cherished moments with these range of top picks from Perona, Nornament, Richa Goeka, The Label Life, Voylla,  H.Ajoomal Fine JewelleryCrimzon and many more.

Perona's offerings

Black Kavita Handbag: Inspired by the luminous essence of Kavita Singh, the revered director of DLF India Ltd, the Kavita bag emerges as a masterpiece, elegantly embodying her multifaceted life, seamlessly transitioning through work, social gatherings, and magical moments.

Ivory Phoebe Clutch Bag: Phoebe epitomises unparalleled artistry with meticulously handwoven borders showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship. Its uniquely designed wristlet, featuring an integrated handle, boasts a capacious main compartment, a handy slip-in section, and a secure magnetic closure—all crafted from exquisite, LWG-certified Italian leather.

Ivory Selma Women Knit Pancho: A meticulously crafted design, this piece combines curated elements for limitless styling possibilities. With its broad ribbed trims, relaxed armholes, and a chic low turtle neckline, it boasts a thoughtfully curated knitting pattern.

<em>Black Arlo Briefcase Bag from Perona</em>
Black Arlo Briefcase Bag from Perona

Black Arlo Briefcase Bag: Arlo stands out as a unique laptop bag, featuring flawless construction and clean lines. It showcases adjustable handles, an internal shock-resistant padded laptop compartment, and multiple compartments tailored for media devices and accessories, ensuring both style and functionality.

Sepia Rei Money Clip: Elevate your style with this chic and understated card holder, embodying your refined less-is-more aesthetic. Meticulously crafted from luxurious Italian grainy leather, it boasts multiple card slots and a money clip for a secure yet elegant organization of your essentials.

Wine Sienna Jumpsuit: Indulge in contemporary chic with the Siena jumpsuit – a fusion of modern minimalism and laid-back comfort. Designed for a relaxed fit, it boasts wide full-length legs, an ankle-grazing hem, a distinctive statement shirt collar, and voluminous full sleeves with broad cuffs. Siena effortlessly enhances your wardrobe, offering versatile styling options for any occasion.



Nornament is a 2-decade-authentic luxury jewellery brand founded by Sushma Maloo. Attention to detail with a blend of modern techniques and fine craftsmanship is what the brand roots for with each piece of hand-crafted jewellery. 

Richa Goenka

Richa Goenka is a Chennai-based, self-made label that believes in designs that are simple but elegant by using impeccable detailing which makes the creations instantly stand apart. The little details add panache to any look instantly. The brand is the most sought-after for quirky shirts, shirt dresses and corsets.

Crimzon World

Crimzon is a luxury Indian footwear label that handcrafts eco-conscious footwear using Vegan faux leather. The brand specializes in bespoke designer footwear with a dedicated bridal line. For over 2 decades now, Crimzon has been dedicated to providing uncompromising quality, superior craftsmanship, and stunning designs. Here is the red shoes from the brand just apt for a Valentine's Day out.

A Clutch Story

<em>Rubysome Pearl Tassel Potli</em>
Rubysome Pearl Tassel Potli

Founded in 2018, the Delhi-based label is dedicated to bringing the most exquisite range of handcrafted Clutches and Potlis. Each piece is a work of art, starting with the initial concept and brought to life by skilled artisans who have honed their craft for generations. What sets them apart is their commitment to reviving India's rich heritage and culture through their proudly handmade products. 

H. Craft Fine Jewellery

H. Craft Fine Jewellery creations blend modern techniques and fine craftsmanship.

Ada by Mehar

<em>Ada by Mehar</em>
Ada by Mehar

Known for their chic and modern designs and an eye for timeless allure, Ada by Mehar embodies the essence of statement pieces tailored to a vibrant, youthful audience, paying special attention to customisation and personalisation by size, design and colour, ensuring that each piece is a true reflection of your individuality. They recognise that true beauty lies in the marriage of comfort and confidence ensuring unrivalled comfort and remarkable value by crafting garments that empower you!


Celebrate the season of love with the exquisite Valentine's Day collection from Voylla. This carefully curated collection is the epitome of romance, designed to make your girlfriend feel truly special. Surprise your girlfriend with a gift that reflects the depth of your emotions and showcases your thoughtfulness. Voylla's Valentine's Day collection is a testament to the beauty of love, making it the ideal choice to create lasting memories on this special day.

Gnist Footwear  

This Valentine's Day, make a bold and stylish statement by gifting your girlfriend a pair of exquisite heels from the Love Special collection at Gnist. Its carefully curated range of heels is designed to captivate hearts and elevate any romantic occasion. From classic stilettos to trendy block heels, this collection features a diverse selection to suit various tastes and preferences. The attention to detail and quality craftsmanship ensure that each pair not only exudes elegance but also offers unparalleled comfort.

The Label Life

<em>The Sweetheart Shop curated by Malaika Arora from The Label Life</em>
The Sweetheart Shop curated by Malaika Arora from The Label Life

This Valentine's Day, elevate your gift-giving game with the exquisite Valentine's Day Collection- The Sweetheart Shop -- curated by Malaika Arora from The Label Life. The carefully curated collection celebrates love, offering a range of chic and timeless pieces that make for the perfect gift for your girlfriend. From elegant dresses to sophisticated accessories, each item in this collection is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of romance and style.

Woggles Eyewear

<em>Luxloom couple sunglasses from Woggles</em>
Luxloom couple sunglasses from Woggles

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with a gift that's both stylish and practical? This Valentine's Day, Woggles Eyewear wants to help you see love in a whole new light – with stylish, affordable, and eye-conic sunglasses for you and your sweetheart. More than just sun protection, Woggles Eyewear is an expression of personality. Whether you're a classic soul, a trendsetting millennial, or a fashion-forward Gen Z, Woggles has the perfect pair of shades that befits your wardrobe and suits your lifestyle. On this day of love, the brand is making it easy to share the love with their range of couple's sunglasses. From the playful SunHex-Couple style, sleek ⁠⁠HorizonHues-Couple sunglasses, romantic TwilightTango and MirageMelody-Couple Sunglasses, to the luxurious LuxLoom-Couple and EclipticBlend-Couple Sunglasses, each pair is designed to complement your individual styles while celebrating your connection. Choose from bold aviators, trendy cat-eyes, or timeless wayfarers – there's a perfect match for every couple.

Overdrive Shoes

<em>Overdrive Valentine collection </em>
Overdrive Valentine collection 

Elevate your best men's style this Valentine's Day with Overdrive Shoes' latest collection. Immerse in sophistication with meticulously crafted formal wear, blending classic and contemporary styles.

Rooh By Shivani’s Peace Silk Scarf

<em>Rooh By Shivani Mughal Rendezvous in Enchanted Forest- Purple  </em>
Rooh By Shivani Mughal Rendezvous in Enchanted Forest- Purple  

Wrap yourself in timeless elegance with Rooh By Shivani’s Peace Silk Scarf, adorned with a captivating Mughal-era inspired design. This luxurious accessory features a scene of regal splendor, where the King and Queen are surrounded by graceful animals, reminiscent of the Mughal courts. Crafted with care and using sustainable methods, the scarf not only reflects the opulence of that era but also embodies the tranquility and harmony that define true beauty. Embrace the allure of history and nature with every graceful drape.

Priced at ₹29,052.80


<em>Snitch Cut Leaf Shirt </em>
Snitch Cut Leaf Shirt 

As Valentine's Day approaches, the search for the perfect ensemble becomes a delightful exploration of personal style. In this quest for sartorial elegance, Snitch emerges as a noteworthy companion, offering a collection that seamlessly marries sophistication with contemporary trends. The essence of Valentine's Day lies not just in the celebration of love but also in the thoughtful expression of personal style. Whether you lean towards classic outfits or opt for a more relaxed smart-casual approach, the key is to choose pieces that resonate with your individuality.

GAS  Men's Victor Cord in casual shirt

Classic GAS Kant style is a wardrobe must have. Crafted with premium cotton this shirt comes in a regular fit. Styled with an angled yoke, without pocket flap, black Gas buttons and rounded cuffs, this shirt is in line with emerging fashion trend. Sleeves rolled up or not, this style will always stand out. Priced at Rs 4,499.

La Martina

La Martina brand print Polo T-Shirt has a regular fit and adapts easily to any type of silhouette.  
 Priced at Rs 3,299.


Stay fit this Valentine's Day with Tego! What better form of love than taking care of yourself and your partner by staying fit? Find the perfect activewear from Tego for Men and Women! The light, breathable and durable fabric makes Tego the best in the game! 

This Valentine's Day, elevate your gift-giving experience with Gokyo's exceptional outdoor apparel collection, available. Gokyo has crafted a range of high-quality, stylish outdoor apparel that seamlessly combines fashion and functionality. Whether your significant other is an adventure enthusiast or simply appreciates comfortable and chic clothing, Gokyo has something to offer. From cozy jackets to versatile activewear, their collection is designed to suit various tastes and preferences. Surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with the gift of comfort and style, ensuring they stay both warm and fashionable during outdoor escapades or casual outings.


This Valentine's Day, treat your girlfriend to a truly enchanting and versatile accessory with the "New Moon Crest Clutch Waist Belt Bag" from Foret. This bag is not just a stylish accessory but a thoughtful gift that combines functionality and fashion seamlessly. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the New Moon Crest bag offers a unique blend of a clutch and a waist belt, making it a versatile addition to her wardrobe. The elegant design, coupled with the high-quality materials used, ensures durability and sophistication.


Gift these earrings as a symbol of something special -- crafted with artisanal elegance; they are sure to make your celebrations warmer and lovelier! Priced at ₹3,499.


The Valentine's collection at Dennison is a curated symphony of versatility, offering a range that seamlessly transitions from formal workwear to laid-back charm. For men, explore the sophistication of finely tailored suits and classic formal ensembles, ideal for those special date nights. If a more relaxed vibe is on the agenda, indulge in casual Jaipur printed shirts that effortlessly blend comfort with an artistic flair. For the modern woman, the brand'sValentine's collection features a spectrum of options, from chic shirts that exude elegance to trendy dresses that perfectly balance style and comfort. Whether it's a romantic dinner or a leisurely stroll through the city, the collection ensures that each piece is a statement, reflecting your unique personality and charm.

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