Designer Susan Fernandes of Sustainable Suz presents a signature collection of ‘swathes’  

Focusing on reinvention during the pandemic years, Susan created a signature collection of ‘swathes’ — swaddling jacket in glorious silks, cottons and linens
Jackets by Susan Fernandes
Jackets by Susan Fernandes

Bengaluru-based brand Sustainable Suz is in town with an interesting pop-up of trendy styles. It is helmed by fashion designer Susan Fernandes, who has spent the last 27 years turning India’s extraordinary weaves and textures into beautifully crafted garments. Focusing on reinvention during the pandemic years, she 
created a signature collection of ‘swathes’ — swaddling jacket in glorious silks, cottons and linens, complemented with flattering dresses and trousers. “My grandmother taught me to cut and sew when I was nine years old, and I realised I had a genuine love for fabrics and sewing and would make tote bags for all my school friends. She taught me to be frugal and use and reuse everything. That started my love of converting old fabrics to new designs,” says Susan.

A lover of weaves, Susan prefers to visit local handloom and khadi shops whenever she travels across India. “It is wonderful how each state in India has its own beautiful weaves and textures. It is getting more difficult now to find real khadi because weavers now use polyester thread to keep their costs down,” Susan says before she lets us in on details about the her pop-up in the city.

What can people expect at this pop-up?
Sustainable Suz specialises in one-of-a-kind pieces using an interesting play of fabrics with trendy silhouettes. We have interesting layers and overlays in pure silk textures to wear over a strappy top, a sari or a swimsuit.

What are the silhouettes you bring?
Effortless styles and trendy silhouettes like bomber jackets! I work with traditional fabrics but my silhouettes are anything but traditional. Some of my favourite picks are Green Check Batik  Zippy Top, Turquoise Brocade Cocoon Jacket, Maroon Kanjeevaram Cocoon and Jacket. We are playful with our designs and also promote sustainable clothing. Each outfit is a piece that will be treasured — dresses, jumpsuits, jackets and swathes.

Do explain about your ‘swathes’. 
During the pandemic with so much time on my hands, I designed a kimono style of jacket. With no stores for four months, and no fabrics available, I chose about 18 saris and shawls from my own wardrobe, that I cut and stitched myself into these jackets and called them Swathes, because they swaddle you. The Swathes looked interesting because I used the pallu as the main feature, then the borders as the piping and detailing.

What are the fabrics you have chosen? 
I have chosen fabrics like Batik, Shibori and Brocades in Silk and Silk Cotton.

Rs 2,900 to Rs 12,000.

On till  July 31.
At Samasta, Alwarpet.

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