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Hat designer Namrata Lodha of Myaraa talks about the brand’s ethos; how it has evolved over the years; sustainability in couture today, and more…

Manu Vipin Published :  23rd October 2023 04:18 PM   |   Published :   |  23rd October 2023 04:18 PM


How do you describe your brand's ethos?

Myaraa's ethos is centered on sustainability, style, and social impact. We are dedicated to using eco-friendly, vegan, and locally sourced materials while also working with skilled artisans to produce our products ethically. Our commitment to empowering women in rural India through employment opportunities is a core principle. We have prioritised quality and timelessness in our designs, intending to create durable and sustainable hats. We are driven by innovation and creativity at the same time remaining steadfast in our values, thus striving to make a positive impact on the environment and uplifting the lives of the women we support.

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How has your brand evolved over the years?

 Myaraa has evolved from a small idea in a living room into a globally recogniszed brand with a diverse range of products, expanding our customer base to over 50 countries. Our brand has deepened its commitment to sustainability and empowered rural women in India through employment opportunities. We are continuously innovating while staying true to our core values of design style, sustainability, and social impact.

How do you approach sustainability through accessories?

We approach sustainability by prioritising eco-friendly, vegan materials and local sourcing, reducing our environmental footprint. Our hat designs focus on durability and timelessness, minimising the need for frequent replacements and waste. We also support rural women through employment opportunities, making a social impact. This commitment to ethical production and the use of natural materials reflects our core approach to sustainability in the world of accessories.

What is sustainability to you?

Sustainability to me is a holistic commitment to preserving the planet and fostering social well-being. It involves responsible practices in material sourcing, production, and design to minimise environmental impact. Equally important is supporting communities, particularly marginalised groups, through employment opportunities and social initiatives. There’s a huge need in the fashion industry to strike a balance between style and ethical responsibility, ensuring that our actions today do not compromise the well-being of future generations.

Oversized Floppy Hats from Myaara

How do you describe sustainability in couture today?

Sustainability in couture today signifies a transformative shift towards responsible and ethical practices within the high-fashion industry. It encompasses the use of eco-friendly, ethically sourced materials and processes that reduce waste and environmental impact. Couture brands increasingly focus on creating enduring, timeless pieces, prioritising quality over quantity. Moreover, sustainability in couture involves a commitment to transparency, accountability, and making a positive social impact, which includes supporting local artisans, empowering communities, and championing fair labour practices. Ultimately, it's about elevating luxury fashion while recognising and addressing its ecological and social responsibilities.

Namrata Lodha  

Which of your collections do you feel best represents your brand’s philosophy?

Our Straw collection, made directly from wheat straw after the wheat is extracted, embodies the very essence of Myaraa’s philosophy. This collection is a testament to our commitment to sustainability, as it utilises a natural material in a way that minimises waste and is environmentally responsible. The Classic Boater Hat, a key component of this collection, has become one of our most in-demand products. The Classic Boater Hat perfectly represents our brand’s philosophy for several reasons. It is made from renewable and biodegradable wheat straw, making it eco-friendly and sustainable. The classic design of the Boater Hat reflects our emphasis on timeless, durable fashion, reducing the need for frequent replacements. This hat not only offers style but also aligns with our values of ethical production, which includes supporting rural women in India by providing employment opportunities. The Classic Boater Hat has gained popularity due to its versatility, making it a sought-after hat. In summary, our Straw collection, especially the Classic Boater Hat, best represents Myaraa’s philosophy by exemplifying our dedication to sustainability, timeless design, and making a positive social impact. It is a shining example of how style and ethics can harmoniously coexist in the world of fashion.

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Which do you value more in your brand? Couture or sustainability?

While couture and fashion excellence are important aspects of our brand, sustainability is at the heart of Myaraa’s core values. We place a higher value on sustainability as it defines our commitment to responsible and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Myaraa is dedicated to creating luxurious accessories while minimising our environmental impact, supporting local communities, and empowering women. Sustainability is our guiding principle, and it underpins every decision we make, from material sourcing to production processes and our social initiatives. Ultimately, sustainability is the driving force that informs our brand’s philosophy and shapes our identity in the world of fashion.

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