Rehane's Spring/Summer Collection is an ode to the endless allure of summer

Rehane’s Spring/Summer Collection strikes as a self-portrait, a reflection of the designer’s own journey and evolution; her love for all things Western and a shout out to look after yourselves; workout, and be in shape
Spring/Summer Collection 2024 from Rehane
Spring/Summer Collection 2024 from Rehane Outfits: REHANE | Models: Krithika Babu, Rheyea and Saloni Chauhan Photography: Nithin Kumar Makeup: Sneha Vijayaraghavan | Hairstylist: Ganesh | Styling and Coordination: Sunil Menon and Monisha

Diving into the vibrant and sun-drenched days of the warmer months, the latest Spring/Summer Collection from Rehane emerges as a bold testament to youthful exuberance and the endless allure of summer. Designed with the spirited and dynamic younger generation in mind, this collection is an ode to those who embrace both the aesthetics of Western fashion and the joy of living life to the fullest. Be prepared to be enveloped in a world where fashion meets freedom, style embraces individuality, and every design tells a story of adventure, passion, and the endless pursuit of summer.

It is for the bold woman who is unafraid to own her power. It almost strikes as a self-portrait, a reflection of Rehane’s own journey and evolution as she continues to grow her strengths with each passing year.

Spring/Summer Collection 2024 from Rehane
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“I think this is number 60, collection wise. I do envision people wearing my bikini sets — bikini and the shorts — all over summer vacation. I see them wearing it in Goa; I see them wearing it with pants and capri. It’s like an out-and-out resort collection for people who have fit bodies; I’ve designed this for the younger, fitter segment of my clientele,” says the designer, who has explored the idea of being unapologetically comfortable in your own skin with this collection.

A study in contrasts

In her own words, this is an out-and-out Western Spring Summer Collection; “shamelessly Western; I’m not trying to hide behind this Indo-Western kind of vibe. I’m 100 per cent Western,” she asserts.  

The colours bring together the best of both worlds, euphoric and calming alike. Think punctuated with bursts of pink and lime green. The silhouettes are a study in contrasts — from oversized and anti-fit to snug and bodycon. Because, why choose when you can have it all?

Rheyea in a high-waisted fluorescent  print straight leg trousers and cropped top with white floral appliqué. (R) Saloni in an unlined eyelet embroidery jacket in stark white with boxing shorts and bikini in florescent print
Rheyea in a high-waisted fluorescent print straight leg trousers and cropped top with white floral appliqué. (R) Saloni in an unlined eyelet embroidery jacket in stark white with boxing shorts and bikini in florescent print Outfits: REHANE | Models: Krithika Babu, Rheyea and Saloni Chauhan Photography: Nithin Kumar Makeup: Sneha Vijayaraghavan | Hairstylist: Ganesh | Styling and Coordination: Sunil Menon and Monisha

 ‘I make women look fantastic’

“The silhouette I am most comfortable with is Western — young, sexy kind of look. So, that’s basically what I do. I make women look fantastic. I make them look attractive. I enjoy the whole ‘being a woman’ thing. I enjoy women looking appealing in my clothes,” she says.

With an emphasis on 100 per cent Western influences, Rehane seamlessly merges the laid-back vibe of coastal living with the cutting-edge trends dominating the global fashion scenes. This collection is a lifestyle statement, designed for the young and fit who are ready to make a splash and stand out under the sun.

For the slim, trim alpha female

The entire collection is peppered with all sorts of nuanced pieces. There are cotton bomber jackets. Generally, when you think of bombers, you think of them as something to be worn in a cooler climate, made of materials, which are geared up towards autumn-winter. In this collection, bombers are made using regular cotton, which you can throw into your washing machine and wash. “We live in the South and I don’t really appreciate man-made fibres very much even though I think they’re versatile and I do occasionally use them. I do have a penchant for natural fibres like cotton and silk. So, well, it’s all over again. Cotton has won hands down whether it’s the eyelet embroidery in white or whether it’s fluorescent multicolour with the print on it. There are jackets, puff sleeves — you will see that in a couple of pieces. There are a few co-ed sets, trousers and matching tops. It is quite an expansive collection and has a whole range of silhouettes. There is hardly any Indian look there. There’s one very long silhouette, but then it has a hoodie. It is similar to a long kurta or a tunic with a pair of shorter trousers, which ends like about six inches below the tunic. Very cool to look at,” she elaborates and as an afterthought adds, “You always wonder whether people are going to pick up stuff like that over here because most prefer A-line and looser silhouettes. Well, basically, you have to look after yourself; workout, be in shape. So, mine’s for the slim, trim alpha female.”

Ahead of the market

She shares that the biggest challenge she faces with every collection is she is too ahead of the market. And maybe her aesthetics too, which is very Western. “So, when I’m living in Chennai, it’s always a challenge. I wonder which client is going to buy this, but eventually, people do come and buy it. And the people who buy it are Chennai people. This just shows that there is potential for all sorts of products,” she says.

‘Fashion is intertwined with health’

In her opinion, the whole fashion industry is going Westward now and rightly so. In true Rehane style, without mincing words, she adds, “Sometimes I see these voluminous outfits with yards and yards and yards of fabric. I just look at it and think to myself — you can wear stuff like that once in a while. But we need minimalism. We need clothes that are easy to move in. We need outfits that accentuate our figure. You know what I mean? It’s all connected. Fashion has to be intertwined with health. And health with beauty. And all these things have to be intertwined together. So, you know, they have this body positive movement and what not. But I think it’s all kind of worn thin. Because ultimately you have to be fit; you have to be healthy. And need to suit your particular lifestyle. So, depending on that, I think clothes are going to get more and more unfussy and more democratic, which I feel is great. But more or less everyone is going to start dressing the same across the world, which is very sad, but also I guess it has its plus points.”

Price starts at Rs 7,000.

Quick 5 with Rehane

Style identity: I’m feeling very Americana right now — think cowboy boots, fringe jackets. I think it’s going to come out in my 2024 -25 Autumn/ Winter collection.

Favourite colour: Pink

You will never be caught wearing: What everybody else is wearing. I’m very individualistic the way I dress.

The item on your current wishlist: The costume Zeenat Aman is wearing in Satyam Shivam Sundaram. I want to design an entire collection based on her look — studded with precious stones.

A heirloom piece in your collection: Too many, actually. I can even start a museum with my collection.

Playing muse

Model Krithika Babu shares her fitness secrets with Indulge

Chennai girl Krithika Babu, who has graced the runway for the biggest fashion designers in India, and a regular at the Lakme Fashion Week and Delhi Fashion Week for the last 10 years, plays muse for Rehane’s new summer collection. She embodies the essence of the designer’s latest collection —the quintessence of strength and grace, whose poise and confidence are as perfectly tailored to her as the collection itself. A certified yoga instructor and yoga therapist, Krithika shares her fitness and beauty secrets with Indulge.

Spring/Summer Collection 2024 from Rehane
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Her daily fitness routine: Every morning I start with my Ashtanga yoga routine followed by a healthy breakfast. I also hit the gym to train with weights twice/thrice a week and do short HIIT workouts at home on days I don’t go to the gym. I’ve recently gotten into pole dance fitness as it really works my core and upper body. If I have a big project coming my way, I just get more consistent with my fitness regime and diet.

Her diet: I stick to eating simple home cooked meals, almost never snack or eat junk food and avoid eating out as much as possible. I control my sweet cravings with healthier options like dried fruits or dark chocolate. I eat everything in moderation and never follow unsustainable FAD diets.

Her fitness tips: The biggest motivation should be your health. Health is wealth. Start by finding an activity that gets you going like playing a sport, dancing, or even taking walks with a friend. Focus on an active lifestyle. The more active you are the more energetic you’ll feel. Get a fitness buddy or a community to motivate you.


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