Treasures of India 1 collection is a showcase of vintage elegance

Through the new drop, Poonam Soni brings back the nine shades of navratna stones in a muted combination
Poonam Soni Treasures of India 1
Poonam Soni Treasures of India 1

Poonam Soni, known for her unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, has launched her latest collection — Treasures of India 1. The new collection of luxury wearables and accessories draws inspiration from the 14th-century craftsmanship of claws, twisted wires, floral diamond setting and muted cabochon stones in flats of pheroza bricks and coral rounds.

Through the new drop, Poonam brings back the nine shades of navratna stones in a muted combination to showcase a unique collection of singular pieces of intricately crafted fine jewels that carry accents of different styles from history, yet behold the underlying ethos of vintage. The all-new collection’s key highlight is its colour palette that is muted, yet vibrant. It includes ageless shades including fluorite green, muted turquoise, vibrant coral, and pale Basra pearl. Notably, the collection has singular signature designs commissioned by the design house’s loyal clients.

Poonam Soni Treasures of India 1
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“We have introduced collections inspired by the culture and history of countries like Barcelona and others. India has a very rich heritage and this collection showcases its rich legacy. We have used diamonds in different cuts and styles, but the focus is gold, especially in wires and carvings,” explains Poonam.

Inspired by navratna stones, the designer has used them innovatively in different shades. “You will find some pieces with pheroza marquis offset by pearls, black enamel wires and pale green fluorites in brilliant cut, while others have corals, garnets and deep blues for a sensual palette,” she shares.

Poonam Soni Treasures of India 1
Rooted in Japan

The navaratan has a history and astrological value. But the designer tells us that she focused only on aesthetics and picked up these beautiful stones in different cuts of cabochons and brilliants, and set them with antique gold plate settings to give them a vintage feel.

“Every piece can be worn for causal and formal occasions depending on how you team it up with your attire. A long tassel pendent can be worn waist down for a casual outing, or pinned high near the neck with a solid string of gold for the ornamental look. Some of our brooches can be used as ornamental pendants too,” adds Poonam.

Price starts at Rs 3 lakh. Made to order.

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