Navratri 2023 special: Some dazzling brands for festive shopping

During Navratri festival, fashion takes centre stage. Here are five brands for you to check out this festive season.

Across India, people gather for nine nights to celebrate Navratri, a festival known for its elaborate puja procedures, bright processions, and lively traditional dances. During this festival honouring Durga, the goddess who defeated evil, fashion takes center stage. Here are five brands we think you should check out for your Navratri purchases.


Navratri is a time when women wear elaborately crafted and brightly coloured jewellery. During Navratri, devotees celebrate their cultural roots while also paying homage to the gods they honour. Navratri jewellery is more than simply attractive baubles; it embodies the profound spirituality, history, and symbolism of the nine-day festival. As you get ready to celebrate the vibrant colours and the spirit of the Navratri celebration, remember to accessorise with some Navratri jewellery. Phuljhadi brings you the most modern and stylish traditional Navratri jewellery, a perennial ode to womanhood and devotion that deftly marries the ancient and the modern. If you’re looking for some Navratri jewellery, check out Phuljhadi's online store. You can accessorise your holiday getup with anything from classic to cutting-edge accessories. The icing on the cake - festive deals that will want you shopping for more!


Voylla’s commitment to merging traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics has made it the go-to destination for today’s discerning women. As the leading player in the costume jewelry market in India, Voylla’s pioneering approach of offering high-quality jewels at affordable prices has solidified its position in the fiercely competitive industry. What sets Voylla apart is its unwavering dedication to innovative design, rooted in the rich heritage of traditional art, craftsmanship, and storytelling. With an unparalleled range of jewellery pieces to choose from, Voylla remains the sole provider of such a diverse selection. Whether you’re looking to make a grand statement or add a subtle touch of elegance, Voylla offers a piece for every moment. Don’t miss out on their incredible festive deals available on their website, making navratri a truly special occasion.


When it comes to celebrating Navratri in style, Imara is your ultimate destination. Imara's website offers a captivating fusion of modern fashion and traditional elegance, ensuring that you can effortlessly achieve a well-coordinated look for the festivities. With a vast and diverse collection that caters to the fashion needs of every family member, Imara's commitment to blending traditional and contemporary styles shines through. Plus, don’t forget to explore their website for incredible discounts, making it easier than ever to embrace the festive spirit with panache.

Banjara India

Banjara India is the apex of Indian traditional and fusion fashion, representing the best of both worlds. Banjara India’s embroidered chaniya cholis, jackets, skirts, leggings, dress materials, bags, etc. have become top sellers on every major e-commerce platform. Their goal is to make shopping a memorable experience while also bringing attention to the quality of Indian handicrafts around the world. Get ready to be astounded by the cutting-edge items presented by the talented craftsmen this Navratri. The festive collection has a genuine Banjara feel thanks to the embroidery and designs inspired by traditional Kutchi and Rajasthani textiles. At Banjara India, customers are catered to on an individual basis by stylists who are up-to-date on all the newest fashions. You may shop for Navratri clothes from Banjara India knowing that they are all hand-made and environmentally friendly. For genuine Indian attire and accouterments this holiday season, visit their website.

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