Kolkata-based vegan brand Clan Earth has great sustainable options in accessories

A backpack by Clan Earth
A backpack by Clan Earth

It takes brave hearts to launch new initiatives during these unpredictable times of the pandemic. And even more so, if you have no background in business and its ways. But it was a nagging will for providing better work opportunities to local artisans and financially underprivileged communities that prompted Priyanka Mandal and Broteen Biswas to take the plunge and begin their start-up journey. Their label Clan Earth is all about functional, aesthetic, plastic-free sustainable products such as bags, backpacks, wallets, and pouches made from water-resistant Cotton Canvas.

Priyanka has been actively involved in the social development space for the past decade. Both she and Broteen were largely motivated by their experience in that sector and longed to create a platform in Kolkata that would provide a better work environment and ensure fair pay. The duo’s love for nature, minimal living along with passion for a more sustainable future are all reflected in the brand’s offering.

<em>Bags by Clan Earth</em>
Bags by Clan Earth

Each product is named after an endangered animal like the Pangolin and Koala bears and they vow to plant five trees for each product sold. The products are delivered in plastic-free and 90 per cent recyclable packaging, which can be composted at home. What’s more, each product is accompanied by a letter that informs the buyer of the five trees being planted for their purchase, brief information about the wildlife the product is named after and a picture of the artisan who made it.

“We want to inspire young buyers to be more mindful about their consumption and our vision is to plant and protect one million trees by 2030 together with our patrons,” says Priyanka, co-founder of Clan Earth, which was launched in January last year and is currently being incubated in WE HUB. Besides, the chic backpacks and duffel bags, the label also has lifestyle products like bamboo toothbrushes and coconut shell candles up for sale on its website.

<em>Backpack by Clan Earth</em>
Backpack by Clan Earth

A digital-first online brand, Clan Earth offers handcrafted, luxe vegan and cruelty-free products with innovative sustainable fabrics like cotton canvas, waxed canvas, cork, bamboo and upcycled coconut shells. “We plan to work with the most innovative sustainable fabrics such as coconut leather, cactus leather, recycled and upcycled fabrics to provide more exciting sustainable options,” adds Broteen.

Rs 100 to Rs 4,000. clanearth.com


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