Twitter has a lot of questions about this Ikea Pride Month couch  

People are not sure about Ikea's new Pride-themed couch

author_img U.Roy Published :  30th June 2021 02:24 PM   |   Published :   |  30th June 2021 02:24 PM
Ikea Pride Month Couch

Ikea's new couch has received mixed responses

Swedish furnishing brand Ikea has landed in some hot waters as people cannot come to terms with their new line of couches celebrating Pride Month. IKEA announced its brightly patterned love seats — each representing a different LGBTQ+ pride flag.

Ikea Pride month couch

The announcement was accompanied by videos of people sharing personal anecdotes about their identities. The bisexual love seat in Ikea’s Pride couch collection designed by Canadian artist Charlotte Carbone, seems to have confused the Internet, owing to the disembodied hand prints and the words "Nobody Believes You" embroidered on the cushion.

Ikea Pride month couch

The bright pink, teal, blue two-seater sofa features two sets of pink coloured 3D hands on the edges, and the whole message on its cover is supposed to read “When you change or to and nobody believes you,”, although the rest of the words are buried in the back rest.

Ikea Pride month couch

These words were actually inspired by a young Canadian bisexual poet named and have been picked up from a poem he wrote; but naturally since the words ‘nobdy believes you’ are the most prominent, the Internet finds the bisexual couch to be quite meme-worthy.