Rareism’s SS22 collection offers a unique take on classic wardrobe staples

From co-ords to athleisure and overlays, the line has something for everyone.
Orange shirt dress
Orange shirt dress
Celebrating every woman is the theme for the recently launched Rareism’s SS’22 collection. From co-ords to athleisure and overlays, the line has something for everyone. Elaborating on the collection and the brand ethos, Akshika Poddar, founder of Rareism says, “Our collections are understated yet elegant and fit for every occasion. Be it an official meeting or a brunch with your girlfriends, we cater to all. We believe that every woman out there is rare in her own beautiful way! Rareism is not just creating garments that are modern and contemporary but it is creating garments that don’t seek to overwhelm and overpower her personality yet embrace her form and appreciate her being.” Starting in 2018, the brand has steadily created three segments in all its collections — young, prime and mature — in fabrics like sheer, chiffon, georgette and satin. The SS’22 collection is also divided accordingly. The Holiday segment has hues of blue, beige and yellow. The Summer Sage segment is all about pastels along with brown, black and maroon. The Statement collection is loud with graphics and bold colours. “We want to expand into different categories like trousers and jackets, along with  more unique prints,” says Akshika.
Akshika Poddar
Akshika Poddar

Rs1,200 upwards. Available online.
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