Eco-friendly initiative Relove by Summer Somewhere lets you sell your old clothes for new ones

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author_img Reshmi Chakravorty Published :  04th March 2022 12:00 AM   |   Published :   |  04th March 2022 12:00 AM

Scarlett mini dress

The Mumbai-based Summer Somewhere known for its ethical practices right from mindful small batch production to the use of earth-friendly materials has come up with another initiative titled Relove. “Sustainability is an inherent part of our core values at Summer Somewhere. We produce in small mindful batches; however, overconsumption and overproduction are at an all-time high. We are taking our commitment to the planet one step further by enabling our customers to resell their pre-loved Summer Somewhere garments via our platform itself through Relove,” shares Meghna Goyal, founder, Summer Somewhere.

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The brand started its journey in 2019 after Meghna came back to Mumbai from New York, where she had studied and worked for a while. “We had launched just before the pandemic and due to that our journey has been a difficult one. But nevertheless, the journey has taught us a lot. From the very beginning itself, we as a brand believed in circular fashion. It is defined as a regenerative system in which items are circulated for as long as their value is retained. That’s the future of fashion. Each garment resold saves six times its weight in CO2. Each time you resell a garment, its carbon footprint is lowered by 82 per cent. Knowing this motivates people to part with the 9 billion pieces of clothing we have in our wardrobes,” says Meghna.

Meghna Goyal

A fashion industry is one of the biggest pollutants, with Relove they are doing their bit. “A garment purchased from our website can be listed for resale and once it passes the quality checks and is sold, you get the money. We are getting a good response from consumers, which is great. We are planning to use more recycled materials and expand our brand presence globally,” concludes Meghna.

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