Where conventional meets contemporary! Designer Roma Narsinghani launches sari collection with REHWA Society

For her latest handloom and jewellery collection, designer Roma Narsinghani has teamed up with the Madhya Pradesh-based non-profit, REHWA Society
Roma Narsinghani X REHWA Society
Roma Narsinghani X REHWA Society

Fashion is a dynamic field where things change quicker than you can imagine. One day fabrics like organza are trending and the next thing you know, everyone is obsessing over soft silk during the wedding season.

But despite this ever-changing nature, fashion makes its way back to its roots one way or the other. A fine example of this can be witnessed in jewellery designer Roma Narsinghani's latest collection where contemporary meets traditional.

Best known for her geometric-inspired jewellery pieces, Roma Narsinghani collaborated with the REHWA Society to launch 17 exquisitely woven saris for the very first time. The Madhya Pradesh-based non-profit works to preserve the handweaving traditions of the town of Maheshwar.

With the collaboration, the artisanal jewellery designer caters to women who embrace their feminine side and take great pride in styling pieces from yesteryear with a modern twist. The collection includes exquisite saris and jewellery pieces.

On being asked what inspired this collection, Roma recalled her visit to Ahilya Fort and how she instantly fell in love with Maheshwar. The holy town, Roma claimed, gave her a sense of peace and calm, making her stay there for longer than expected. She explored the town and the historical temple, and met with weavers from the REHWA Society.

"Weavers were the main inspiration, I spent a few days with them and got to know them. We just had to work on something together. It was truly a learning experience to work with the weavers of REHWA Society," the designer said. 

She further talked about the vision behind the intricate designs and said, "The Ahilya temple has Mondrian-like lines carved on stone and that was a starting point to design the weave. We created border motifs inspired by stone carvings of the temple and fort combined with classic elements of our jewellery aesthetic in collaboration with the REHWA Society."

Roma's debut handloom collection is packed with vibrant hues, making them perfect for the upcoming wedding season. As for the jewellery, you will find her signature architectural designs in all the pieces, be it the nazar rings or the thorn necklace.

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