Vegan fashion brand FoReT unveils Banana Bark collection

Supriya Shirsat Satam’s new Banana Bark Collection of vegan bags blends eco-consciousness with contemporary fashion
Woodland weave from FoReT
Woodland weave from FoReT

Looking to invest in a new bag? It’s worth considering its ethical and environmental credentials, too, particularly given leather’s large carbon footprint and the harmful chemicals used to process it.

Redefining style with natural materials and textures, FoReT, a homegrown sustainable, vegan fashion brand, has unveiled a new Banana Bark Collection. It brings together unique elements, local materials and crafts, while also incorporating contemporary design for a modern and discerning look.

Speaking about the newly designed range of banana bark bags, Supriya Shirsat Satam, founder, CEO and creative director of FoReT, tells us that the Banana Bark Collection is an extension of the previous collection, which was launched last year as a limited-edition range. The collection focuses on blending eco-consciousness with contemporary fashion, making a statement about FoReT’s commitment to both style and sustainability.  

“Through our venture, we are providing economic opportunities to 300 rural women artisans. After we finalise the product designs, they are passed on to skilled artisans who bring those designs to life. Once these creations are back in our hands, we enhance their style with our distinctive FoReT appeal,” says Supriya taking us through the design and production process.

<em>Mystic cascade tote</em>
Mystic cascade tote
<em>Sunkissed bag</em>
Sunkissed bag
<em>Constellation bracelet-cum-mini bucket bag</em>
Constellation bracelet-cum-mini bucket bag

For the new collection, the brand has continued to work with familiar materials such as banana twine and Ilkal handloom cotton for the inner lining. They have also incorporated seeds and cork for the belts, resulting in a collection that’s even more lavish and abundant in design options. The collection features the Sunkissed bag, symbolising the emergence of the sun’s rays through the inclusion of plant seeds. The Mystic Cascade tote exudes a unique charm coupled with an air of elegance and refinement. The Laptop Bag is classy and comes with a multi-coloured woven belt that creates a style that is versatile and can be paired with a western suit, kurta, or even a sari.

“This time around, my design efforts have been channelled into enhancing the texture of the banana bags. You will find a medley of textures, crochet styles, along with other materials. These bags engage you like a captivating conversation starter, and undeniably command attention,” she says. The collection includes a range of clutches, laptop sleeves, tote bags and an evening bag. 

Elaborating on their signature style, the designer adds, “When working with plant-based materials, there are inherent marks and grains, shaped by natural forces like sun, wind, and rain, which lend a unique character to  the bag. Our design philosophy consciously aims not to conceal these imperfections but rather accentuate the textures. The inherent variations in banana skin, for instance, are purposefully highlighted in this collection.”

Interestingly, the bags are biodegradable, thus after a long use, one can also use them as a bio planter.

INR Rs 4,000 onwards. Available online.


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