A celebration of Jasmine: Label Suta's Onam launch celebrates the festival with its beautiful pieces

The labe's co-founder Sujata Biswas reveals to us details about the Malli Poove collection, how to style pieces from the collection, how it captures the festive spirit and more...
Pieces celebrating the festive season.
Pieces celebrating the festive season.

As Onam draws closer and we gear up to deck our homes to celebrate the harvest season and the beginning of the New Year, it is only fair that we also dress for the occasion to lift our spirits and enjoy the scrumptious sadya and test out our kolam-drawing skills with the pookkalams at our doorsteps. To do so, we need only the best and most elegant option. So, we looked around for something that presented the charm that this occasion needs and also brought about a little bit of innovation for us to look forward to.

We found what we looked for in the fashion label Suta’s sari collection launched for Onam Malli Poove (in English, Jasmine flower). Highlighting all elements of the collection, which presents seven beautiful pieces and a ‘myriad of choices’ available among blouses, Co-founder Sujata Biswas, speaks to us about the same in detail. She also shares a special Onam style guide for our readers. Read on!

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Tell us about the inspiration behind Malli Poove sari collection.
Our Malli Poove saris are our take on the classic Kasavu weave, which is traditionally associated with Onam. A Kasavu sari is typically white or off-white in colour, with very fine threads of gold or silver used to make the borders and designs. Both silk and cotton fabrics are used. We’ve reimagined this sari with lighter fabrics, splashes of colour, and modern design elements that make our Malli Poove saris more contemporary in style and easy to drape. The fabrics used in this collection range from Suta’s signature mul mul cotton, to cotton and zari, to cottonviscose blends, silk and modal blends.

What is the trend for this year’s Onam celebration?
It’s impossible to imagine Onam without the Kasavu sari. And while tradition will still dominate trends, we think people are eager for alternatives that can be worn year round and are also more practical to wear and easy to drape. This has formed the basis of our Malli Poove collection, which is dotted with bright pops of colour, quirky designs (look out for the Sadya inspired pallu on the Aanandam sari), and comfortable, free-flowing fabrics. These saris can be easily styled in various ways with matching or contrasting blouses, and jewellery. The blouses in the Malli Poove collection combine jewel tones and metallic (gold) with sophisticated cuts. Like the saris, they too, are wardrobe staples and can easily be re-worn around the year.

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What is the significance of the motifs presented across the silhouettes for this collection?
The motifs used in these saris contrast the traditional nature of the classic Kasavu weave. We’ve used stripes, dots, Sadya-themed motifs, sequins and other tiny embellishments that accentuate the saris and make them especially festive.

How has this collection played with colour to rekindle the spirit of Onam?
It’s impossible to imagine Onam without thinking of the colours white, off-white, silver and gold. While this palette is the mainstay of Malli Poove, we’ve also experimented by introducing splashes of green, purple and blue, which are just as festive but also enhance the vibrancy of these saris.

What can we expect from the collection of blouses that are on offer?
The blouses in this collection are elegant and sophisticated; they feature elbow-length sleeves, graceful necklines and tiny zari embellishments that make them look incredibly festive. Where the blouses truly stand out is their fit — Suta blouses are known to fit like a glove and the blouses included in this collection are padded to ensure added ease of wear.

How do the zari embellishments add to the look and feel of the festival in this collection?
The zari embellishments make the saris and blouses feel especially festive. We’ve used both gold and silver zari in this collection, as a nod to this season’s trend of mixing metallic hues. The Urja sari, in particular, is perfect for those looking for something bold, and festive but very comfortable — the fabric, which is a blend of cotton and zari, is soft, figure accentuating and very light.

A style guide to follow with pieces from your collection?
The beauty of the Malli Poove collection is that each piece can be dressed up or down, depending on the wearer’s sensibilities. From temple jewellery to dainty pieces, the saris and blouses pair well with all types of accessories. We offer a variety of underskirts and blouses that make these saris a breeze to wear. For those who struggle with draping and pleating, we also offer the option of getting the sari stitched or pre-draped, as per the wearer’s measurements. As a final note, we’re especially partial to accessorising these pieces with jasmine strands!

₹2,500 onwards. Available online and in stores.

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