Jisora’s new loungewear section is comfortable yet fashionable

Jisora’s new collection seamlessly blends traditional elegance with modern loungewear aesthetics

Step into a world  where comfort meets vibrancy. Infused with a kaleidoscope of colours, Jisora’s new loungewear section is comfortable yet fashionable. It seamlessly blends traditional elegance with modern loungewear aesthetics. 

“This collection features contemporary designs, which is a departure from our previous releases, while maintaining our commitment to comfort and sophistication,” says Tushar Sethi, founder, Jisora. Notably, their co-ord collection introduces a fresh take on versatile loungewear sets. 

Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to showcase a unique and elegant look that resonates with the modern woman. Comfort is a cornerstone in their design process for the new collection, particularly in the co-ord sets. “We carefully select fabrics that are soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin, ensuring an unparalleled lounging experience. Pure cotton and lightweight materials dominate our collection, providing a luxurious feel while allowing for ease of movement,” says Tushar.

While staying true to the brand identity, they have incorporated elements of current loungewear trends. “The rise of athleisure and the demand for versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from home to casual outings have influenced our collection. We embrace innovative cuts, functional details, and a colour palette that reflects both contemporary fashion and the timeless appeal of our designs,” he says.
The co-ords provide a coordinated and stylish look and can be paired with sneakers or casual footwear, which seamlessly transition from home to casual outings, exemplifying the versatility that defines the collection.  

 “Sustainability is a crucial aspect of our brand ethos. We prioritise eco-friendly practices by sourcing fabrics from responsible suppliers. We incorporate  organic cotton and recycled materials, reducing our environmental footprint. Additionally, we focus on creating timeless pieces that transcend seasonal trends, promoting longevity in the wardrobe and minimising the impact of fast fashion,” 
he says.

Tailored with attention to detail, the collection caters to various body proportions, providing options for petite, regular, and plus sizes. “Each garment undergoes meticulous fittings to guarantee a relaxed yet stylish silhouette,” adds Tushar.

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— manuvipin@newindianexpress.com

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