Step into the roaring ’20s with Crimzon's Great Gatsby footwear collection

Luxury footwear brand Crimzon's new fall ’23 collection is inspired by the Great Gatsby era
Crimzon's The Great Indian Gatsby collection
Crimzon's The Great Indian Gatsby collection

Fashion, and by extension luxury, is all about feeling classy with a bit of frou-frou that keeps the element of posh in place with magical escapism to reinvigorate the senses from our somewhat dull lives. Crimzon, a luxury footwear brand, has done just that with their new fall ’23 collection aptly titled The Great Indian Gatsby.

Sonali Dalwani, founder and creative director of Crimzon, tells us that the opulent footwear collection, a dazzling homage to the Great Gatsby era infused with an Indian twist, will take us back in time. “Handcrafted with intricate embroidery, glistening crystals, lustrous pearls, and ethereal feathers, our shoes exude vintage luxury with a modern flair. It’s a fusion of vintage extravagance and contemporary elegance. With this collection, our aim is to elevate your style to the grandeur of the roaring 20s.”

<em>Footwear from Crimzon's The Great Indian Gatsby collection</em>
Footwear from Crimzon's The Great Indian Gatsby collection

For The Great Indian Gatsby footwear collection, the designer has drawn inspiration from the captivating allure of the Great Gatsby era, which she infused with the rich Indian heritage. “This fusion of opulence and elegance combines the extravagance of the 1920s with traditional Indian craftsmanship, celebrating the resplendent culture of the time. Intricate embroideries, metallic colours, and luxurious materials pay homage to an era where glamour knew no bounds. Each pair transports wearers to a world of timeless sophistication, marrying the best of both worlds in an exquisite union of style and heritage,” she explains.

The collection features bold silhouettes, unconventional materials, and daring embellishments, embracing the era’s audacious fashion ethos while infusing it with  the  essence  of  Indian culture, creating a unique blend of tradition and defiance. “Today’s Indian women enjoy a new found independence in fashion. They are constantly hunting for something new, different and novel. I sought to disrupt the norms of Indian traditional footwear by channeling the rebellious spirit of Gatsby-era consumers,” says Sonali. With a focus on style with comfort, the Crimzon fall ’23 collection features strappy heels embellished with feathers, kitten heels adorned with crystals and comfortable wedges in shimmery golds, metallics, muted silvers, and deep blacks, embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals. 

“All the designs in the collection are versatile and unique, and you will surely be able to dance the night away,” she adds.

The price for wedges and kitten heels starts at Rs 8,000, and stilettos at Rs 10,000.

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